Stomach ache after and holiday binges: what to do to feel better immediately

Stomach ache after and holiday binges what to do to

Home » Stomach pain afterwards and holiday binges: what to do to feel much better immediately If you exaggerated at the table during the holidays, here’s what to do to fight stomach ache and feel much better right away. Stomach ache after a holiday binge: what to do (Photo source Canva – During the … Read more

Flat stomach, how to have a sculpted belly? The infallible ‘tricks’

Flat stomach how to have a sculpted belly The infallible

Many people dream of a sculpted belly. The thing not everyone knows is that there are foolproof ‘tricks’ to get a flat stomach: here’s everything you need to know about it. You can be as fit as a violin by doing some regular, daily exercises, but if you are looking to get in shape you … Read more

He had over sixty steel spoons in his stomach – doctors remove them after two hours of surgery

He had over sixty steel spoons in his stomach

It happened in India, where a 32-year-old man went to the hospital saying he was forced to swallow over sixty steel spoons. Posted on: 01-10-2022 13:55 JOURNALIST Journalist, screenwriter, graduated in Communication Sciences. I write because I adored the sound of my grandfather’s Olivetti and because, due to my bad education, I still ask myself … Read more

3 easy exercises to lose weight and tone the muscles of the stomach and buttocks for those suffering from back pain

Salami or mortadella heres what to choose in the summer

To do physical activity it is pleasant and healthy, it is not just for weight loss and weight loss. It plays a very important role in ensuring good health, at any age. Depending on the age group and any health problems, it should be practiced at different intensities. Surely those who suffer from back pain, … Read more

5 secrets to lose weight at 50 and reduce flabby stomach, hips and arms easily without crash diets or exhausting workouts

Many think of the famous “costume test” in this period. In summer we discover ourselves and inevitably come to terms with what are the modern aesthetic canons. Wasp-like waist, firm buttocks and statuesque physique are the obsession of many women (young and old). The truth, however, is that getting back into shape is not just … Read more

If you have a bloated stomach and irritable bowel, this is the best natural relief remedy (and it’s not charcoal)

If you have a bloated stomach and irritable bowel this

Swollen belly and irritable bowel? Recent studies have shown that a common essential oil is a very powerful treatment to relieve the symptoms of IBS @ Ocusfocus / 123rf If you suffer from irritable bowel or often have a swollen belly, a valuable new ally to combat frequent pain is there peppermint. This plant, very … Read more

Drinking beer, the effects on health: amazing what happens to the stomach

Drinking beer the effects on health amazing what happens to

Consumers are increasingly attentive to the effects that food and drinks have on health, which is why they are wondering whether drinking beer is good for you or not. Beer is an alcoholic drink obtained from the fermentation of the wort and flavored with hops. However, given the great fame of this alcoholic drink, several … Read more

We will sleep better at night thanks to this relaxing drink that would reduce insomnia but also anxiety and stomach problems

The heat we are suffering these days can cause various health problems. Many people complain to doctors of problems of exhaustion, fatigue and weakness, due precisely to the temperatures of the period. Also for this reason, as every year, the requests for supplements and restoratives have increased. Not to mention the effect produced on our … Read more

That’s why you shouldn’t drink ice water on a full stomach or after meals and in hot weather

When it is very hot, the temperatures seem unbearable in any corner of the house. This is why we often tend to go to the kitchen to open the fridge and drink thirst-quenching water as soon as possible. We put the bottle in the refrigerator to be able to enjoy fresh and not hot water, … Read more