Texas massacre, Miah who covered herself with the blood of a companion and the other stories of the survivors

from Greta Privitera The children of the primary school of Uvalde tell what they saw and heard during the massacre: “I saw my teachers die” Miah Cerillo put her hand on the blood-covered body of her classmate, on the ground next to her. She got her shirt dirty and she pretended to be dead, hoping … Read more

Rsa, in the Senate the stories of family members and operators: “We need reform, enough discretion for the health directors. They still do not let relatives in” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

For the associations of family members of the Senior citizens living in Rsa (the facilities for the non self-sufficient often still closed or almost to the public, beyond what is required by the regulations), as well as for the social health workers who work there, the meeting that was held in the Senate entitled “Nursing … Read more

Russia-Ukraine, war stories | To Bucha the 26-year-old who brought people to safety with the van: “Executed with a blow to the head” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Russia Ukraine war stories To Bucha the 26 year old who brought

The acts of heroism from below, which emerged after an announced tragedy, leave only a bad taste in the mouth. Dzhanna Kaminieva had not begun to save people from the violent aggression of the Russian army a Bucha because he thought he was invincible, she felt it was only necessary to do her duty. She … Read more