Thirteenth, 25% cut due to taxes: the study by the Cgia of Mestre

Taxes will eat up 25% of the thirteenth of Italians. To say it is a study by the Cgia of Mestre, which denounces the cost of the economic crisis on thirteenths of Italian employees and pensioners. According to the study, which identifies the arrival of 47 billion euros in thirteenths, 11.4 billion euros will end … Read more

Tiredness, depression and anxiety, Covid-19 is to blame: a study measured the consequences of the disease

Tiredness depression and anxiety Covid 19 is to blame a study

Fatigue, depression and anxiety as well as other health problems show up even 6 months after contracting the virus. Scientists are discovering more and more side effects due to Covid-19. Let’s talk about effects long-termnamed “Long-Covid”. InformationToday This serious disease, which has changed our lives on multiple aspectsstill has some surprises in store for us. … Read more

Brain Cancer with Vitamin B3 Supplement? Amazing what a study has found

Brain Cancer with Vitamin B3 Supplement Amazing what a study

Possible occurrences of brain cancer and other forms of tumor are associated with the use of a vitamin supplement. I study. People believe that take supplements be one beneficial practice and especially harmless. Research, on the other hand, suggests that maybe that’s not exactly the case. InformationToday According to a recent studyin fact, the use … Read more

Bruce Lee, a study reveals the causes of death after almost 50 years

Bruce Lee a study reveals the causes of death after

November 22, 2022 6:31 pm That of Bruce Lee is one of the deaths of the entertainment world that became legend. Much has been fabled. There has been talk of murder, of poisoning by the Chinese mafia. Even a lover’s revenge. In reality, at the time, the doctors established that the cause of death had … Read more

These everyday products cause uterine fibroids: study finds

From perfumes to creams, from shampoos to nail polishes, from food containers to toys. Unbeknownst to us, we use a variety of products containing phthalates every day. A family of synthetic chemicals widely used by industry as softeners to make plastics more flexible and durable. Because of their widespread use, phthalates can be found almost … Read more

Solid tumors, from the MyPathway study new further evidence on the value of the agnostic approach and precision medicine. # ESMO22

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

The agnostic model is increasingly affirmed in oncology, that is, the one that provides for the treatment of a tumor based not so much on its anatomical site, but on the presence in its cells of a given genetic alteration, which can be attacked with a targeted drug (drug target) that specifically affects that alteration. … Read more

A new large study on the genetics of dyslexia –

The largest study ever conducted on the genetic basis of dyslexia has identified 42 variants in the genes that could influence the risk of suffering from this disorder. Dyslexia, an unexpected difficulty in reading in children of normal intelligence, is the most frequent among the specific learning disorders and the most present among Italian school … Read more

Cancer, stress “increases the risk of death”: diet and sex, a study reveals the “determining” factors

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

Men and women below “stress chronic“ they are at a significantly higher risk of dying from cancer: reveals a new study. The discovery comes from an analysis of more than three decades of American data from an internal health and nutrition survey. After targeting a number of influential factors, including race, gender, and previous medical … Read more

Cardiovascular disease, numbers on the rise in 2022, but are women or men more at risk? I study

Cardiovascular disease numbers on the rise in 2022 but are

Cardiovascular diseases are currently the most widespread among populations around the world. Cases have increased in 2022. A team of scientists, however, wanted to better analyze the numbers ei risk factorsdifferentiating between male and female population. Here are the results. Canva When we speak generically of diseases affecting the cardiovascular system we understand numerous pathologies. … Read more

Tumors, «here is the pandemic of young adults». Nutrition, (lack of) sleep and alcohol: cancer boom unveiled in new study

Listeria in burrata and pancakes the food products indicated to

A new count in the registers of tumors of 44 countries found that the incidence of “cancer early“ it is rapidly increasing for colorectal and 13 other cancers: many of these affect the digestive system, and this increase is occurring in people of lower and lower age groups. And it grows … Read more