Giulia Salemi sensual dark lady: 2023 of the “GF Vip” begins in the name of style

Maldini Milan are not satisfied with a Scudetto the Champions

2023 opened in a turbulent way inside the Casa del GF VIP 7 between quarrels and discussions perpetrated even during the first evening episode of the year which, to be honest, weren’t edifying at all. Luckily she was in the middle of this senseless hubbub, Julia Salemi, the “voice of the social media” who never … Read more

Apple wants a new future… with Style | Here are the new viewers –

Apple wants a new future with Style Here are

As Apple prepares to challenge Meta for AR / VR dominance starting in early 2023, new leaks reveal the full potential of the new Apple headset and its alleged hardware. According to Bloomberg it will certainly be an advanced device, with a high-resolution display, several external cameras and a new version of iOS. Thanks to … Read more

Need for Speed ​​Unbound Review: lots of style and little substance?

Need for Speed ​​Unbound Review lots of style and little.webp

After three years of pause, Need For Speed ​​Unbound marks the return of the saga to the track. At the wheel is Criterion Games, a software house that stood out with Burnout in the 2000s and that has already worked on the Need For Speed ​​series, developing Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted and Rivals. Knowledge of … Read more

Federico Fashion Style in tears for his daughter: “You have no idea what my ex is doing to me”

Federico Fashion Style in tears for his daughter You have

The finished love with Letizia PorcuWhen his long social outburst begins, Federico Fashion Style (born Federico Lauri) is angry but controlled. “I want to say something very important… between me and her it was a long time since there was more love”. He begins by referring to the story with Letizia Porcu. He explains that … Read more

Charlene, Charlotte, Beatrice, Carolina: style challenge among the Monegasques

Charlene Charlotte Beatrice Carolina style challenge among the Monegasques

The royals of the Principality of Monaco are used to events with great fanfare. In the rich kingdom on the borders of France there are many social occasions, in which members of the royal family participate with joy. Of all the anniversaries, however, the most important is undoubtedly the Fête du Prince, or the Principality’s … Read more

Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4 efficient sportiness in Alfa style – Tests and News

Tonale Plug In Hybrid Q4 efficient sportiness in Alfa style

Nine months after the initial debut with the Mhev 130 and 160 HP followed by the subsequent introduction in July of the 130 HP turbodiesel variant, the Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4 arrives to complete the launch of this model which – the Alfa Romeo CEO reiterated Jean-Philippe Learned during the presentation at Balocco – is … Read more

Federico Fashion Style, the pain is devastating: unfortunately there was nothing to do | A sea of ​​tears –

Federico Fashion Style the pain is devastating unfortunately there was

These are very difficult days for Federico Fashion Style who appeared decidedly different from how many have come to know him. But what happened? In the last few days Federico Fashion Style ended up in the spotlight because of one personal situation who saw him as the protagonist. Federico Fashion Style web source – … Read more

Curiosity about who is Federico Lauri? Federico Fashion Style, wife, partner, children, Letizia Porcu and private life – Controcopertina

Federico Lauri’s talent is global: here are some details about him taken from the Real Time transmission the Hall of Wonders. Federico Lauri is one of the most renowned hairdressers in Italy thanks to years of training and sacrifices. How did it get to this point? He is one of the biggest names in hairdressing … Read more