Lisa Marie, Elvis Presley’s only daughter, has died. She was 54 years old, she suffered a cardiac arrest

Lisa Marie Elvis Presleys only daughter has died She was

Of Online editorial staff Lisa Marie, Elvis Presley’s only daughter, was rushed to hospital for suspected cardiac arrest. He was present at the Golden Globes ceremony in Beverly Hills on Tuesday evening Lisa Marie Presley , singer-songwriter and only daughter of Elvis Presley, who died in a Los Angeles hospital. It is with great pain … Read more

Belen, the truth about Stefano De Martino: «It was he who left me, I suffered a lot. In the couple we weren’t just two…”

Tutti i film di Natale da vedere in tv oggi

Belen and Stephen DeMartino they returned to love each other, after a long period in which the two had taken two different paths, they found each other and now theirs love it’s stronger than ever. This was confirmed by the Argentine showgirl herself in a long interview with weekly f in … Read more

God of War Ragnarok: the director discovered he suffered from aphantasia during development

God of War Ragnarok the director discovered he suffered from

God of War Ragnarok offers various novelties for the saga and one of these is not directly related to the game. For example, the game got a new one director compared to the previous one: let’s talk about Eric Williams, who was interviewed by GameInformer. During the dialogue, the director also revealed a curiosity: during … Read more

Francesca De André’s post: “I suffered severe violence, I’m in tragic conditions”

Francesca De Andr, granddaughter of the great Fabrizio and former Big Brother participant, long away from TV. She has posted a post in which she explains that she suffered an assault which she is trying to react to I come back only today after days where I was forced to disappear, above all due to … Read more