LIVE Italy-Bulgaria 3-1 volley U20, LIVE European Championships 2022: azzurrini in the final, the magical blue summer continues!

War in Ukraine where are we armies blocked south disputed

CLICK HERE TO UPDATE LIVE LIVE 19:30 OA Sport thanks you for joining us, wishes you a good continuation of the evening and looks forward to seeing you tomorrow for the final! 19:28 Now Italy is waiting for its opponent, who will be one between Belgium and Poland. Today the best on the field was … Read more

End of summer weddings, the wedding dresses of VIPs |

End of summer weddings the wedding dresses of VIPs

Now that the possibility of celebrating weddings with many guests has no more limitations, the desire to celebrate does not stop even in August. In the month dedicated to holidays par excellence, there was no shortage of VIPs who crowned their dream of love with the wedding. But there are also several stars who have … Read more

Omicron, the summer wave is behind us. Hospitals are emptying, but the alert is not over: “Danger for autumn”

The health situation in Italy is improving on the Covid. The variant Omicron it is now the only one circulating in our country, but the summer wave has passed and the employment of hospital wards is falling more and more: the rate falls below the alert threshold of 15%, reaching 13%. It hadn’t happened since … Read more

The vip (and discreet) destination of the Italian summer

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

Forget the holiday resorts with beaches crowded with VIPs, made up of lounges, loud music, jet skis whizzing in the sea, squares full of paparazzi and designer boutiques. VIPs who love discretion and the real relaxing holiday they choose another destination, away from smartphone cameras and hordes of fans. The most popular destination for VIPs … Read more

Cristina Parodi’s yellow maxi dress is the sunniest dress of Summer 2022

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

What’s better than a nice glass of lemonade to calm the heat of these fiery days? Nothing, you will think. Instead we have found something just as fresh and sunny and it is not a new drink with a secret recipe but ofyellow empire style dress worn by Cristina Parodi. In recent days, the journalist … Read more

Nintendo eShop: games on offer for the summer, advice from the editors

Nintendo eShop games on offer for the summer advice from.webp

Also in August the advice of the editorial staff of sui best Nintendo Switch games on offer, a selection of titles ideal for hot summer days, to be played even under an umbrella or perhaps in the cool of the pine forest or in a cool mountain refuge. Four games that range between action … Read more

Listen to TV | Thursday 4 August 2022. Don Matteo leader also in replica (15.1%), Hands Off Our Daughters stopped at 8.9%. Tim Summer Hits closes at 10.4%. Record-breaking Terra Amara (23.2%), Beautiful 21.2%

Listen to TV Thursday 4 August 2022 Don Matteo

Terence Hill Yesterday evening, Thursday 4 August 2022, the rerun of Don Matteo it won 1,892,000 spectators equal to a 15.1% share. On Channel 5 Hands Off Our Daughters it collected 1,115,000 viewers in front of the video, equal to 8.9% share. On Rai2 the last episode of Tim Summer Hits it involved 1,250,000 spectators … Read more

Jovanotti, his Jova Beach Paerty alarms. Summer event in the viewfinder with strong concerns

Jovanotti his Jova Beach Paerty alarms Summer event in the

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about the Jova Beach Party and unfortunately not well since the environmental impact of the “lucky boy” big concert on the beach seems to have problematic consequences. In recent days, the alarm has also been triggered by environmentalists who have expressed themselves on the environmental … Read more

If you feel faint in the summer, try these remedies to feel better

LIVE Atletica Diamond League Stoccolma 2022 in DIRETTA Folorunso ottima

If you feel faint in the summer from low blood pressure or hot weather, follow these tips to help you avoid the worst. Unfortunately the season does not favor the recovery for those who are subject to failures. Excessive heat, dehydration, hot-cold temperature changes can be a reason for lowering pressure. In these cases it … Read more