Superbonus, 110% in the last month for everyone, reaching 62 billion

Superbonus 110 in the last month for everyone reaching 62

The amount of works admitted to the 110% Superbonus (almost) doubles the figure of the 33.3 billion allocated to date for the subsidy. According to data from Enea, the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, as at 31 December 2022, the total investments eligible for deduction for the Superbonus reached 62.49 … Read more

Superbonus and credit transfer: clarifications on the prohibition of splitting

Clarifications come from the Chamber Finance Commission on the prohibition on the partial transfer of credits relating to the superbonus and building bonuses: it does not apply to the first transfer and to the annual installments of the concessions. In the event of a discount on the invoice, the company cannot transfer fractions of the … Read more

Superbonus, how to fill in the F24 form for invoice discount and credit transfer

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The Revenue Agency implements the news on the discount on invoices and the transfer of credit contained in art. 9 of the Aid quater decree, i.e. the possibility for assignees to use (in compensation) the credit in 10 years, instead of in four or five years, depending on the year to which the expenditure for … Read more

Superbonus 110% and condominiums: CILAS by 25 November 2022 is not enough

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Still a few days to comply with the conditions required by the Decree Law 18 November 2022, n. 176 (Aid Quater Decree) and also block the 110% superbonus for 2023 in the case of beneficiaries in a condominium. Superbonus 110% and condominiums: the conditions of the Aid Decree quater It will certainly be a tour … Read more

Superbonus villette 2023: the cover node for the extension appears

Listen to the audio version of the article An extension of 3 months for the superbonus of the villas. This is what companies and taxpayers are clamoring for, who risk losing the 110% subsidy if they do not close the works by next December 31st. The appeal was received by the Deputy Minister for the … Read more

Poste also closes the taps at the private Superbonus. M5S: “Giorgetti report in the classroom” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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The shareholder is called out: from Ministry of Economy vigorously deny having played a role in the move Italian postwhich on Monday 7 November decided one day after another to stop buying tax credits generated with works by energy efficiency provided for by Superbonus. And yet, since these are companies that, between indirect and direct … Read more

Superbonus building, what will change in the procedures and in the assignment of credit Who will see 110% confirmed?

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Building bonuses: great anticipation for what the new government will do. Between those who already have construction sites open, and perhaps blocked due to the difficulty of assigning credits, and those waiting to open them, the uncertainties are many and are mixed with the uncertainties in finding the materials and equipment to set up the … Read more