Dear bills in Vicenza: the Support Bonus is here

Dear bills in Vicenza the Support Bonus is here

The initiative, which according to AGSM AIM estimates will involve around 11,000 users in the provinces of Verona and Vicenza alone (7,000 in Verona and 4 thousand in Vicenza), was specifically designed to offer tangible support to those customers who are not entitled to the social bonus but who find themselves having to face the … Read more

Ukraine, Kiev: Italy’s support is important, we await the visit of Meloni and the Pope – Europe

Brazil Bolsonaro investigation requested for attempted coup World

More Russian missiles, more rubble, more civilian deaths in the horror of war. A rain of death has once again fallen across Ukraine, with air raid warnings sounding morning and afternoon in every oblast, including the Kyiv region and the capital. An offensive from the skies that does not spare men, women and children, gutting … Read more

Berlin sends the “Marders” to Kiev. The poll: for 6 out of 10 Germans military support for Ukraine is excessive or at least already sufficient

The French decision to give theUkraine armored reconnaissance AMX-10 RC, wheeled vehicles, fast and silent, with a 105 mm caliber gun, forced even the chancellor Olaf Scholz to break the delay and announce the delivery to Kiev of Marder defense tanks it’s a Patriot anti-missile battery. The latter is an important commitment for the German … Read more

Electric car for the middle class? Stellantis asks for subsidies from EU governments: “They support consumers”

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Stellantis is working to do its part to mitigate the costs of switching to an electric vehicle, but it would be desirable for European governments to support final consumers with subsidies, even if this is difficult given the high level of debt of various countries, especially in southern Europe. This was stated by the CEO … Read more

Iran, unveiled chess champion at the world to support the protests

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

The world of Iranian sport still challenges the government of Tehran. This time she is the chess champion Will be Khadim to the–Sharia to express solidarity with the demonstrators who have been parading and protesting in the streets of his country for over 100 days. He did it by participating in the 2022 World Championship … Read more

Goodbye passwords? Passkey support arrives in the stable version of Google Chrome

Goodbye passwords Passkey support arrives in the stable version of

In October Google he announced the passkey support in the Canary version of Chrome. In the past few hours Ali Sarraf, product manager of the browser, has made known that support has finally landed in the M108 stable version of Chrome. Some may already be wondering: what are passkeys? In a nutshell, it is a … Read more

Ukraine, British 007: “Russian support for the war is declining”

XFactor 2022 MTV But Is It All True In the

2022-12-04 16:16:07 Kyiv: “Throw prohibited k-51 chlorpicrin grenades” The Russian army is using banned K-51 chlorpicrin grenades against the Ukrainian army in the east of the country, the press service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported on Telegram, quoted by UNIAN. “Using prohibited chemical weapons, occupiers drop chlorpicrine grenades from drones on our defenders … Read more

Alpine skiing, Lara Colturi: “Am I going back to Italy? It’s not in my thoughts. In Albania I have good support”

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

First giant in the World Cup and 17th place in Killington, moreover at the age of 16: stuff for the predestined. Lara Colturihas been on everyone’s lips for weeks. That he was an announced talent had been known for some time: in the youth categories he didn’t even leave crumbs to his opponents. A diamond … Read more

Ukrainian war, last hour. Meloni: «From Russia unacceptable actions, support for Kiev». Blackout in large parts of Ukraine

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

2022-11-26 13:46:44 Media: Kremlin expects 100,000 Russian soldiers by spring The Kremlin plans to stabilize the front in Ukraine during the winter and then restart the offensive in the spring, knowing that this will involve large losses among Russian soldiers, which could reach 100,000 dead. This is what the independent site iStories writes, quoting a … Read more

Ukraine, live coverage – Mattarella: “Unreserved support for Ukraine”. Kiev: “Russian flag removed by the administration in Kherson” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

3 Nov 2022 11:52 Peskov: “Russia’s return to the wheat agreement does not mean an extension” Russia’s return to the grain export agreement reached on July 22 in Istanbul is not the same as an extension of the agreement itself. The Kremlin spokesman Dmytri Peskov made this clear at a press conference, explaining that after … Read more