Surprise Zelensky at the Cannes Film Festival: ‘We need a new Chaplin’ – Culture & Shows

Despite the ‘usual’ red carpet sequins and the crowd back similar to that of the good old days on the Croisette, no one thought of leaving the war out of the festival. This was promised by the president of the jury Vincent Lindon, ensuring a “dignified and respectful edition of these times of war” and … Read more

Rome-Venice, a surprise at the Olimpico to thank the fans

1652520072 Rome Venice a surprise at the Olimpico to thank the fans

ROME – Twenty-seven matches, sixteen sold outover a million total spectators, twenty-one thousand subscribers, over twenty million proceeds from free sales. And a love bath that has constantly supported the team. This is Roma at the Olimpicothese are the Giallorossi fans who have never left the club alone in this first year of the project … Read more

Bono Vox accepts Zelensky’s invitation: surprise concert with The Edge on the metro in Kiev

from Laura Zangarini Dublin band frontman and guitarist sang at Khreshchatyk station, after being invited to perform by President Volodymyr Zelensky Surprise concert in the underground in the center of Kiev, Ukraine, by the Irish rock star Bono and the guitarist The Edge. The U2 frontman praised the country’s struggle for “freedom” and even pronounced … Read more

Samantha Cristoforetti: when does the astronaut earn records? Is a surprise

Samantha Cristoforetti when does the astronaut earn records Is a

Samantha Cristoforetti was the first Italian woman to go into space and has therefore become one of the symbols of female emancipation. Her recent photo of just disembarking from a mission greeting her children from behind a car window also went around the world. Photo Ansa In this article we will try to understand who … Read more