Nausea and vomiting and excessive sweating especially at night could be the symptom of this disease

It may happen that some symptoms of pathologies can be overlooked, or confused. Sometimes there is a disturbance that is given little importance perhaps because it is a slight entity. This signal could be confused with a common annoyance that does not suggest the symptoms of a disease. For example, in winter it is normal … Read more

Sweating and hot flashes? They can be a symptom of this disease

Sweating and hot flashes They can be a symptom of

Let’s talk about two particularly common symptoms, here is the pathology associated with sweating and hot flashes. When we talk about sweating and hot flashes, we refer to two particularly common symptoms, associated with several pathologies. In fact, it is difficult to focus on the cause, precisely because these two ailments and discomforts they can … Read more

Chest pains, hot flashes, and sweating could be the first signs of this widespread ailment

As we all know, the human body is literally a perfect machine. Each cell, nerve or organ, in fact, behaves just as if it were the gear of a device, without which it would stop working as it should. However, the human body, in order to survive, has to fight every day against various external … Read more