Ibrahimovic’s diet (which has only 8% fat): what the Swedish champion eats

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Everyone wonders, only he knows. “He’s hungry”, Zlatan Ibrahimovic always replies to those who, especially in recent times, ask him – injuries permitting – how to play to the maximum, to score often (or in any case to serve winning assists because he is a team man) and to win at the age of 40, … Read more

Russian reconnaissance plane violates Swedish airspace. Stockholm: “Unacceptable, we will act against”

It is a confrontation between Russia and Sweden. A Russian reconnaissance plane has violated Swedish airspace, Stockholm defense announced. It happened on Friday night, when the aircraft passed south of Blekinge, in Sweden Southern. This is the propeller model of the AN-30 type, used for reconnaissance. An episode that occurred at a key moment, when … Read more