Swelling and discomfort? Beware of this intolerance: few think about it

Swelling and discomfort Beware of this intolerance few think about

If you have swelling and discomfort, perhaps you have not thought about this particular intolerance that few think about. Here’s what it could be. Treccani defines intolerance as “the inability or impossibility of enduring (something) and phenomena that, from a clinical point of view, properly fall within the framework of allergy, or, more generally, hypersensitivity”. … Read more

This purifying and thirst-quenching herbal tea is drunk cold, perfect in summer, which could eliminate abdominal swelling and water retention

Herbal teas are usually associated with winter, colds, seasonal ailments. Let’s imagine drinking a steaming cup of boiling herbal tea in front of the fireplace or sitting in an armchair and wrapped in a blanket. But the herbal tea can be drunk safely even in summer. Just let it cool and put it in the … Read more

Beware of swelling and pain in feet and ankles because according to experts they could be a symptom of this problem that should not be underestimated

If we are parents, it is normal to be constantly worried about our children. We are always attentive to their proper development and their health in general. It may happen that our son complains of very strong pains in his ankles, which prevent him from even sleeping in the evening. This could be due to … Read more

Swelling in the legs, edema and difficulty urinating would depend on the heat that causes heart discomfort but here’s how to prevent

Although this spring is struggling to take off, the heat is just around the corner. The summer it will be the kingdom of comfortable and light outfits, and on ProiezionidiBorsa readers can often find interesting fashion tips. In the in-depth analysis at the bottom of the page, a spot on the tank top, the summer … Read more

Swelling in this delicate part of the body could be a dangerous sign of a tumor as well

One of the most neglected parts of the body, yet among the most important, is that of the anus. The anus is the final part of the digestive tract and has the fundamental function of expelling feces and gas. Problems with the anus, such as abnormal swelling, redness, etc. not only can they create painful … Read more

Flank pain, diarrhea and swelling could be due to a syndrome that these soothing herbs would help cure but beware of contraindications

This would be an indefinite clinical condition because it has not been shown that the irritation is linked to its motility. What is certain is that the irritated colon can create many problems. There is talk of a chronic syndrome that can last over time and requires prolonged treatments. It concerns 20% of the population … Read more