Covid, to each his own symptom. And sometimes it’s really unusual

Covid to each his own symptom And sometimes its really

Do you have a strange Covid symptom? You are not the only one. Between jagged tongues, chilblains on the fingers, red bruises, swollen eyes and hair loss, we discovered the hard way that Covid has many faces and can also manifest itself with very unusual symptoms, not typically caused by respiratory viruses. No one knows … Read more

Stroke, this symptom is the first alarm bell: everyone underestimates it

Stroke this symptom is the first alarm bell everyone underestimates

There is a symptom that many people underestimate that can actually be the first wake-up call when it comes to stroke. Here’s what it is. to upload – In the world there are many people who tragically and suddenly pass away even if until a few hours before they were fine and one of … Read more

Swollen belly, a symptom too often underestimated: when it can occur

Swollen belly a symptom too often underestimated when it can

A swollen belly is a symptom and a nuisance that millions of people around the world live with. Let’s see what its causes may be. It happens to many people in life to start suffering from a small stomach ailment: a swollen belly. Here, it often comes to think when such a symptom occurs, that … Read more

Lung cancer: This is the “strongest” predictive symptom of cancer according to the English study

Lung cancer This is the strongest predictive symptom of cancer

A study would have found that hemoptysis, that is cough with blood from the respiratory tract, is a predictive symptom considered the strongest of lung cancer The lung cancer it is one of the most common and serious types of cancer. According to theHigher Institute of Healthevery year in Italy about 40,000 new cases are … Read more

Omicron 5: the unusual symptom accused by many infected with the new variant

Omicron 5 the unusual symptom accused by many infected with

Omicron 5 the new variant of Covid-19 is currently the most widespread and contagious. Let’s find out what are the common signs of the disease, plus the unusual symptom reported by many patients © Scaliger / 123rf When the pandemic started, the COVID-19 came with a long list of potential symptoms ranging from fever and … Read more

Before tremors and slowed movements this often ignored symptom could be a warning sign of Parkinson’s disease

Unfortunately, there are no drugs that can cure Parkinson’s. But diagnosing the disease as soon as possible is still important: it is in fact possible to intervene immediately to slow down the progress of the disease. So what are the alarm bells to watch out for? Symptoms of the disease Sometimes our body sends us … Read more

Often red eyes, do not underestimate the symptom: you risk a very serious pathology

Often red eyes do not underestimate the symptom you risk

Red and watery eyes can be the sign of a serious pathology that can lead to blindness: let’s find out which one. red, watery eyes (source pexels) The eyes are a fundamental sensory organ for the health of our organism, and although we often take their function for granted, it is necessary to pay attention … Read more

Omicron 5, the new frightening symptom: “Painful, if not treated it can be lethal”

Omicron 5 alarm, a new symptom worries experts. In Italy, the contagion curve starts to grow again driven by the new sub-variant BA.5 (already at 13% in our country). In yesterday’s bulletin, Thursday 9 June, the new positives in the 24 hours were 23,042 out of 179,127 swabs performed and a positivity rate that rises … Read more

Beware of swelling and pain in feet and ankles because according to experts they could be a symptom of this problem that should not be underestimated

If we are parents, it is normal to be constantly worried about our children. We are always attentive to their proper development and their health in general. It may happen that our son complains of very strong pains in his ankles, which prevent him from even sleeping in the evening. This could be due to … Read more

Nausea and vomiting and excessive sweating especially at night could be the symptom of this disease

It may happen that some symptoms of pathologies can be overlooked, or confused. Sometimes there is a disturbance that is given little importance perhaps because it is a slight entity. This signal could be confused with a common annoyance that does not suggest the symptoms of a disease. For example, in winter it is normal … Read more