Symptoms of Depression: There is a newly discovered link with this feature of our nose

Symptoms of Depression There is a newly discovered link with

Changes in smell could be linked to symptoms of depression. A study conducted by the Dresden University of Technology (Germany) highlighted the intricate relationship between depression and the sense of smell © antonioguillem / 123rf Can Smell Problems Lead to Depression? Maybe it’s not perfectly proven, but research conducted by the Dresden University of Technology … Read more

TikTok, behind the fun hides a “toxic” working culture. Former employees: “Symptoms of burnout, secrecy and pressure” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

TikTok behind the fun hides a toxic working culture Former

“If I had known who to work for TikTok it would cost me so much, I wouldn’t have never accepted the work: the ‘me’ of June 2020 she would have run away ”. And the November 2021when Melody Chuex senior product manager, decides to leave the US unit of the Chinese company after only a … Read more

Air Conditioning, pay attention to these symptoms: here are the disturbances it causes

Air Conditioning pay attention to these symptoms here are the

It is important to know that air conditioning is not good for health, it causes disturbances and for this reason we must be careful: here are the most common symptoms among those who are exposed daily. Have you ever heard “air conditioning sore?”. It is one of the most frequent viruses, especially during the summer. … Read more

Clear, smelly stools or diarrhea could be symptoms of this rare inflammatory bowel disease

Starting at a certain time, we may begin to feel particularly tired and fatigued. The lack of appetite could also make us lose weight.Then one morning, going to the bathroom, we might notice something different than usual, which could also worry us a lot. In short, we may notice a different coloration of our feces … Read more

These would be the symptoms of an enlarged prostate very common in men over 50 years of age but the ailments could be alleviated by following some rules

The passing of the years brings about changes in the body, unfortunately this is the normal natural cycle of life. Often one would also become more prone to developing certain health problems. For example, one would be more exposed to the risk of thrombosis, to be prevented improving circulation by walking for a certain number … Read more

Dengue fever alarm: symptoms and how to behave

Dengue fever alarm symptoms and how to behave

Specimen of Aedes mosquito (commonly called “tiger mosquito” due to the white streaks present on its black body): this species of tropical origin, now spread globally, is responsible for an endemic disease that is causing concern (Adobe Stock) Singapore is experiencing an exponential number of cases of dengueacute infection which – as you will discover … Read more

Anaphylactic shock, that’s what it is: symptoms, causes, consequences and treatment – Chronicle –

By anaphylactic shock, or anaphylaxis, we mean one generalized allergic reaction, which occurs suddenly and can lead to death if not promptly treated. It begins very quickly by affecting two or more systems, such as the skin and respiratory, or circulatory, or gastrointestinal system. In short, it is an allergic reaction particularly severe, which occurs … Read more

What to do in case of heatstroke in children, how to prevent it and what symptoms should be controlled

Summer brings with it many beautiful things: holidays, the sea, outdoor evenings, trips. This list is endless. Everyone always eagerly awaits the arrival of summer to devote themselves to these and many other pleasant activities. However, we must not underestimate the unpleasant situations that can occur in this period. When it comes to the elderly … Read more

Symptoms Diabetes, the 6 key signs on your skin that you shouldn’t ignore

Symptoms Diabetes the 6 key signs on your skin that

Diabetes is a disease that can appear at any age and without warning, but let’s see what could be the first 6 fundamental signs on your skin that should not be underestimated. You know, the diabetes it is a disease that can appear at any age and without warning, this is because its symptoms are … Read more

MYELOMA, A DISEASE FROM WHICH GIOVANNI ALLEVI SUFFERS / What is it and symptoms “Treatable tumor …”

The multiple myelomathe disease from which he suffers Giovanni Allevi, until twenty years ago it was considered incurable. Today, however, there are good possibilities thanks to therapy and drugs. “Chemotherapy is no longer the main element of treatment, it is used in the first line of therapy in sequence with targeted drugs”, Explains Dr. Francesco … Read more