How to distinguish Covid from the flu, comparing symptoms and treatments

Winter is coming alive. After a month of October accompanied by good weather and mild temperatures, things have rapidly changed since November. The rain and the cold, especially in the evening hours, are gradually appearing. This is obviously leading to a recovery in the circulation of COVID-19. This is demonstrated by the cases of new … Read more

Language: 5 signs to watch out for that could turn out to be symptoms of even serious illnesses

Language 5 signs to watch out for that could turn

Small bumps, white spots, and small spots on the tongue are often harmless. However, they can sometimes be a telltale sign of what’s going on with our overall health. Let’s see together 5 signs to pay attention to A nice story Small bumps, white spots and small spots in the language they are often harmless. … Read more

Accidental trauma in children: “With these symptoms you need to go to the emergency room”

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How many times did the parents go urgently to the emergency room or to your doctor after your child accidentally falls off the sofa, or down the stairs while crawling or trying to stand up? Or even while he was chasing his favorite toy and fell down the steps of the little park? We are … Read more

Ewing’s sarcoma: symptoms of the rare bone cancer that affects children

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Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date What is the sarcoma by Ewing? It is a rare bone tumor that mainly affects children, adolescents and young adults: the average age at diagnosis is around 15 years. The family of Ewing’s sarcomas includes forms originating from bone (about 85%) and those originating from soft … Read more

Dementia, among the first symptoms there is a widespread one. Watch out for these signs. –

Dementia among the first symptoms there is a widespread one

Dementia is one of the most insidious diseases that can develop in old age. Symptoms of dementia are subtle, and often you don’t even realize you’re developing dementia. Senile dementia: watch out for these signs – (Photo Adobe Stock) To make it easier to recognize early symptoms, you want to do a alarm bells … Read more

Insulin Resistance and Belly Fat: Symptoms, Foods to Avoid, New Therapies – iO Woman

Insulin Resistance and Belly Fat Symptoms Foods to Avoid New.webp

THEL belly fat afflicts most women and men especially with advancing age. The attempts to go on a diet, the training sessions, the “miracle” creams and the so-called “belly-deflating” supplements are useless. To fix things not only from an aesthetic point of view – it is known that visceral fat can increase cardiovascular risk – … Read more

Lactose intolerance: what it is, symptoms, how to diagnose it

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What is lactose The lactose it is the sugar naturally present in milk. Unlike other sugars, it has a lower sweetening power than sucrose, about 40%. His too glycemic index is low: corresponds more or less to half that of white bread. Lactose is digested by a specific enzyme, lactase, naturally present in our intestine. … Read more

Influenza 2022: Symptoms, Incubation, and Transmission. That’s when the peak will be

The flu “it is circulating but it is not yet endemic, there are reports of cases but there is still an aftermath of a favorable climatic season that limits the spread. The key month where it will hit hard will be December with the arrival of the cold, for this it is necessary that elderly … Read more

Is it flu or Covid-19? Here’s how to distinguish the symptoms and what to look out for

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Autumn has arrived, albeit with temperatures above average. If we feel unwell, it is normal to wonder if it is flu or Covid. This year will be the “Great comeback” of seasonal flu. After almost 3 years of Covid, here he reappears at our doors, and to avoid fears and fears we can learn to … Read more

Listeriosis: symptoms, care and treatment

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Being an infection caused byaction of a pathogenic bacterium, listeriosis can present different clinical pictures. It is less frequent than, for example at the salmonellosis, however, it resists various environmental conditions, including those concerning food processing. There are indeed some foods to pay more attention to and which should be avoided, especially in certain cases. … Read more