heart attack | Signals from the heart: 5 symptoms that appear up to a month before – Lineadiretta24.it

heart attack Signals from the heart 5 symptoms that

heart attack symptoms – lineadiretta24.it (source pexels) Is it possible to prevent acute and dangerous clinical episodes such as a heart attack? A recent research has pointed out the 5 symptoms that precede it. Modernity and one lifestyle more complex than in the past have certainly had a significant impact on the individual’s clinical history. … Read more

Tumors on the rise, late and generic symptoms: the weapon of screening against neoplasms

Tumors on the rise late and generic symptoms the weapon

Three years later, the pandemic presents the bill to the so-called non-sick Covidthat is, all those who have had to give up medical visits or screening due to the temporary interruption of some hospital activities. A study by the IRCCS Sant’Orsola Polyclinic and ofUniversity of Bolognapublished in the Jama Network Open magazine, in fact confirmed … Read more

Pancreatic cancer: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Gianluca Vialli’s disease

Pancreatic cancer symptoms diagnosis and treatment of Gianluca Viallis disease

It is a very dangerous type of cancer: only 10% of those affected are alive five years after diagnosis Gianluca Vialli fought for five years with the pancreatic cancer, it looked like he was able to surpass that in 2020, but unfortunately in the end the disease won out and snatched the beloved former footballer … Read more

Australian flu: watch out for symptoms and respiratory complications

Australian flu watch out for symptoms and respiratory complications

The new variant is now close to the “peak”. Dr. Roberto Prota explains what complications it can lead to: pay particular attention to pneumonia Francesco Palma 05 January Like every winter, it’s time to deal with the flu. In this case, the so-called is holding the court Australian flu, which takes its name from the … Read more

Colon cancer: the symptoms of the disease that killed Pele, strange and unsuspected – Ilovetrading.it

Colon cancer the symptoms of the disease that killed Pele

Colon cancer, when prevention is the best weapon at our disposal. Prevention is paying attention to the symptoms of the disease, some of which are unsuspected. Which? At a time when our worries are absorbed by the economic crisis and the continuous rises in bills, mortgages, fuel, basic necessities, we fatally forget to safeguard our … Read more

Kidney Health: 10 Symptoms You Can’t Ignore If You Care

Kidney Health 10 Symptoms You Cant Ignore If You Care

Video Transcript of the video follows Introduction I have the clear feeling that we often take it for granted… kidney health, I’m talking about kidney health, yet according to the 2019 “Global Burden of Disease” kidney failure is one of the 10 most relevant risk factors in terms of mortality and disability, along with the … Read more

Gryphon variant, is it dangerous? Symptoms, vaccines, spread in China and Italy: here’s what we know

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

In China about nine thousand people die every day from the Covid. The British research company Airfinity estimates it, calculating that in a few days the deaths have doubled and that since December 1st they could have reached 100 thousand out of a total of over 18 million infections. And the forecasts are not encouraging: … Read more

Pelé and colon cancer: symptoms, causes, treatments and life expectancy of the disease that killed O Rey

Tutti i film di Natale da vedere in tv oggi

Pele failed to win his fight against the colon cancer. The health conditions of O Rei, admitted to the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo, drastically improved when the Brazilian champion was diagnosed with “renal and cardiac dysfunction”. Pelé had been operated on for colon cancer a year ago. In recent days, the Folha newspaper … Read more

Sudden drop in sugar: symptoms and remedies

Sudden drop in sugar symptoms and remedies

Introduction I’m sure it’s already happened to you too… A moment of fainting, a feeling of imminent fainting or in any case of sudden malaise… Low sugar, right? And so here’s a nice bag of sugar and everything passes… but what if I told you that the explanation was probably something completely different? Let’s take … Read more

What is “flurone”, what are the symptoms and what to do to protect yourself from the co-infection of Covid and flu

What is flurone what are the symptoms and what to

We return to talk about “flurone”, or the co-infection of Covid and flu: what are the symptoms and how to protect yourself By: VirgilioNews | Posted on: 23-12-2022 10:57 3 It’s not the first time we’ve heard of “flurone“: already at the end of 2021, it had been logged a case of patient affected by … Read more