China: “US to change course on Taiwan or confrontation will become conflict. Devastating consequences”

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“If the Use They do not change route towards the Chinathe comparison will become conflict”. The Foreign Minister of Beijing, Wang Yireignites tensions with the United States by speaking in Mandarin at aAsia Societyin New York, returning to the question Taiwan. Recalling that the policy of the “Only China” is the base on which the … Read more

China, cyber attacks and disinformation on Taiwan (and USA): technical evidence of invasion – Digital Agenda

Cyber ​​attacks ddos and disinformation campaigns, from China against Taiwan. Here it is the arsenal of Chinese digital attacks at work And it is exactly the same as the one used by Russia against Ukraine. But it might even be more sophisticated. Among the objectives, also the United States, on the occasion of the visit … Read more

Così il commercio con la Cina ci rende schiavi (e forse incapaci di difendere Taiwan)

di Federico Rampini Il «made in China» tiene sotto scacco Unione europea e Stati Uniti. Il contesto economico complica l’applicazione delle sanzioni alla potenza asiatica La vera arma segreta di Xi Jinping è in realtà sotto gli occhi di tutti, ben visibile alla luce del sole: si chiama “made in China”. Più forte che mai, … Read more

Beijing tightens the circle around Taiwan: hunting submarines

from Guido Santevecchi The anti-submarine maneuvers alert the US and worry Japan. Meanwhile, Beijing’s propaganda uses songs, noodles and ravioli: “Every road leads back to the motherland” The Chinese are still practicing “in conditions of real war” in the waters around Taiwan. The big maneuvers that they had been scheduled for 72 hours and should … Read more

“China fears Taiwan because it is its opposite: it will try again, but it can do nothing more”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The representative of Taiwan in Italy Andrea Sing-Ying Lee: “We have the same blood, but in theirs there are Marxism, Leninism and Maoism, in our no” “Fear no, prudence and concern of the people yes”, explains Andrea Sing-Ying Lee, Taiwanese representative in Italy, when we ask him if in Taipei they really feared the Chinese … Read more

Ukraine, Taiwan. Roger Waters humiliates CNN at his home

Roger Waters, co-founder and former leader of the rock band Pink Floyd, defined, in an interview with CNN, the current president of the United States, Joe Biden, as a “war criminal” for his actions on the conflict in Ukraine. Biden is one of many people, along with his predecessor Donald Trump, … Read more

Taiwan: Chinese jets and ships cross the midline, Beijing breaks with the US – World

In addition to the dozens of jets and warships sent beyond the midline of the Taiwan Strait, on the second day of military maneuvers, China announced the sanctions against the speaker of the American Chamber Nancy Pelosi and the cancellation with the US of communication between military leaders , of working meetings between the ministries … Read more

US-China, exchange of accusations on Taiwan. EU appeal to “calm” – World

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“The EU calls on all parties to remain calm and exercise restraint, to act transparently and keep the lines of communication open to avoid calculation errors that could lead to tragic consequences “. This is the appeal launched by the EU High Representative, Josep Borrell, at the Asean Regional Forum in Phnom Penh , Cambodia. … Read more

Taiwan, news on the conflict with China. “Beijing’s planes and ships have crossed the midline of the Strait”

Taiwan news on the conflict with China Beijings planes and

Still a long-distance confrontation between the United States and China: always in the center the independence of Taiwan. Nancy Pelosi in Tokyo has returned to harsh tones: “The United States will in no way allow Taiwan to be isolated”. The Chinese answer came in fact with new exercisesi on the Taiwan Strait. Key points 06:43 … Read more

Taiwan, la visita di Pelosi scatena l’ira di Pechino: missili intorno all’isola. Tokyo: alcuni sono caduti nella nostra zona economica

Taiwan la visita di Pelosi scatena lira di Pechino missili

La visita della speaker della Camera Usa Nancy Pelosi a Taipei ha scatenato l’ira della Cina e la tensione internazionale è ai massimi livelli. Il capo della diplomazia Ue Josep Borrell ha condannato le “esercitazioni militari mirate”, e il ministro degli esteri cinese, Wang Yi, parlando alla riunione dell’Asean a Phnom Penh, in Cambogia, ha … Read more