Car tax 2023, paying has become easier: we explain how

Car tax 2023 paying has become easier we explain how

Car tax 2023, paying has become easier: we explain how. The tax does not disappear but at least the Italians have more opportunities The year for motorists started exactly as it ended, even worse. Gasoline has increased, motorway tolls have increased and in January there are those who will have to start paying the Car … Read more

Study shows: flat tax does not favor the self-employed – Editorial staff

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

Anyone who reads this newspaper of ours knows that the story about the “flat tax that discriminates against employees” is such a big hoax that only the Republic could ride it. Enrico Zanetti explained it to us well and a study by the Cgia of Mestre now also confirms it. Which definitively silences the complaints … Read more

The new government is going to tax us again | Watch out for the digital wallet –

The new government is going to tax us again

A new tax is coming to Italy. The Meloni government, which took office for a few months now, is implementing some reforms in the economic field that are causing discussion. Before now, a tax of this type had never been seen in Italy, but the Italian Parliament decided it was time to introduce it to … Read more

Don’t pay the road tax and the insurance: we explain how to do it – SoloFinanza

Dont pay the road tax and the insurance we Not paying car tax and insurance is every motorist’s dream, but unfortunately, in some cases, it is completely unavoidable. However, by stipulating a particular contract it is possible to pay only for the car fuel and to move freely, free from further expenses. So let’s find out what the contracts are for having a … Read more

Trump, tax returns: more taxes abroad than at home

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

Of Viviana Mazza Congress unveiled 6 years of (very low) tributes to the president. Surprisingly, payments to China are higher than those in the USA. Zero-income years confirmed FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTNEW YORK — After a long standoff that reached the Supreme Court between Donald Trump and the House Oversight Committee, 6,000 pages of tax returns … Read more

Flat tax, for the self-employed, savings of over 4,000 euros. With the incremental flat fee further discounts for professionals

Flat tax for the self employed savings of over 4000 euros

A two-lane highway to outrun the taxman and thus save a lot of money taxes. With the budget law the government has set up a dual mechanism (financed with 1.2 billion) that allows the self-employed to breathe in quite a bit on the tax front. On one side the executive has raised the maximum threshold … Read more

Flat tax, the accounts in the pocket of the self-employed: up to 8 thousand euros less in taxes. But it’s a fake VAT numbers alarm

Flat tax the accounts in the pocket of the self employed

Tax savings of up to 8 thousand euroswith an annual turnover of 75 thousand euros. This is the calculation of the earnings of an average electrician who would enjoy the flat taxthe flat-rate scheme referred to in Meloni government he has been a promoter since the electoral campaign and which, present in the text of … Read more

Andorra, the tax haven that influencers like: that’s why

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

Influencers, video game and e-sport champions, youtubers. This is the colorful young population, rigorously under 40, who according to a survey by the France Presse news agency is repopulating the highest-altitude capital in Europe, Andorra la Vella, which with its 23,000 inhabitants living at an altitude of 1,013 meters nicknamed the Capital of the Pyrenees. … Read more

Tax bills, what will happen to them by year and amount: the X-ray amnesty

La fermezza di re Carlo III e le lacrime di

The amnesty, or amnesty of tax bills, is the provision that probably interests Italian taxpayers the most. Many families, individuals, businesses and professionals are grappling with tax bills of variable amounts and for different periods. It is inevitable that hearing about amnesty, cancellations, discounts and installments ends up being a common topic. To avoid any … Read more