ECB chief economist Lane: “Tax rich and corporate extra-profits to help those most affected by the crisis” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

ECB chief economist Lane Tax rich and corporate extra profits to

Philip Lanand, chief economist of the European Central Bank, suggests that euro countries raise taxes on the rich and on companies that are making extra profits to finance more substantial aid to those most affected by the energy crisis. In an interview to the Austrian newspaper Der Standard, Lane explains that wages will have to … Read more

110 percent bonus, jobs started and never finished: 15 people scammed. “70 thousand euros of phantom tax credit”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

MESTRE – There are those who found the house with half plaster with the coat and half demolished, interrupted just as the facade began to have a new look. Who the scaffolding assembled and then abandoned for months, who the new boiler, purchased with the mirage of energy saving, installed but not working and who … Read more

Bills bonus for companies based on actual consumption: how to calculate the tax credit

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The bill bonus recognized to businesses is calculated taking into account actual consumption. Therefore, to determine the tax credit that can be used as compensation, one does not look at the estimated ones. The clarifications of the Revenue Agency in circular letter no. 25 / E / 2022. Bonus billstime to calculations for beneficiary companies … Read more

IMF calls for EU tax reform: “We need a common debt to tackle crises” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Brexit new clash between Great Britain and the EU London

A new “fiscal capacity” financed bycommon debt issuance and new streams of income. The International Monetary Fundin the midst of the economic and energy crisis triggered by the conflict in Ukraineasks theEuropean Union to draw inspiration from the experience linked to funds for the support of States affected by the coronavirus and start a tax … Read more

Foreclosure, what and how much the tax authorities can take: they start with the car

Foreclosure what and how much the tax authorities can take

The Revenue Agency can proceed with the attachment, even if only under certain conditions. Here are the limits to be respected. Accruing tax debts does not automatically mean being faced with the risk of foreclosure. At least not immediately. The fact is that the regularity of payments to the tax authorities is a necessity precisely … Read more

Flat-rate regime, for the flat tax the stamp charged on the customer’s invoice also makes income

Flat-rate regime, the amount of the stamp charged on the customer’s invoice, considered revenue or compensation, also enters the income subject to the flat tax. This was clarified by the Inland Revenue with the response to question no. 428 of 12 August 2022. Flat-rate schemefalls within the income for the application of the flat tax … Read more