Truss cuts taxes (to the rich). Pound Sterling Falls, Inflation Takes Off: What Happens?

Truss cuts taxes to the rich Pound Sterling Falls Inflation

The new British Prime Minister, Liz Truss (Lapresse) The markets are swept by fear and great uncertainty, but investors are looking to the United Kingdom rather than post-election Italy, with the victory of the center-right coalition led by Giorgia Meloni. Such a storm, with the collapse of the pound to its most basic levels ever … Read more

Great Britain, taxes for the richest, no VAT on shopping: the new government like Thatcher

Great Britain taxes for the richest no VAT on shopping

A fiscal maneuver such as has not been seen since the days of Margaret Thatcher. The Conservative government of Liz Trussthrough the mouth of the Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng (i.e. the Minister of the Treasury), announced a drastic tax cut with the aim of giving an electric shock to the British economy, now … Read more

Taxes on cars: the situation in Europe

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

DIVIDED EUROPE (ON AUTOMOTIVE TAXES) – The taxes they are not popular at all latitudes. Behind this name, however, there are hundreds of different taxes and rates, but in this complexity the taxes on Automobiles they are undoubtedly an important part. Vehicles are the second largest investment of families, after the one on the house, … Read more

VAT number, important changes in taxes and deposits in 2023 after Pos and electronic invoice

Electronic invoice from 1st July it is an obligation who

Further tax changes are preparing to arrive in 2023 in the aftermath of the tax reform already at the start this year between the revision of the personal income tax rates for income from work, passed from five to four, to changes in the deductions for both income from work and income to work. THE … Read more

New changes still flat rate VAT, land registry, taxes, Irpef in tax reform 2023

The land registry reform continues to lead to discussions and between recommendations from the EU and measures yet to be defined, there are several moves still awaited by the Draghi government. Let’s see then what are the expected changes for the flat-rate VAT number, land registry, house taxes and personal income tax in the 2023 … Read more

Netflix pays 56 million unpaid taxes. “First case in the world of an occult society without personnel”

from Giuseppe Guastella The Californian giant that distributes films and pay TV series in streaming closes the dispute with the taxman. Before opening an Italian office in January, he had grossed millions from subscriptions without having offices and staff. Netflix: “Dialogue and collaboration” Netflix makes peace with the Italian tax authorities. The Californian giant of … Read more