Friends, previews, chaos and tears: “Never a De Filippi so furious”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The advances of Friends of Maria De Filippi signal that a decidedly turbulent registration has just ended. The students, the professors and ‘Queen Mary’ are back in the Canale 5 studio, but it seems that an episode full of tensions will be broadcast on Sunday 27 November 2022. The lady of the house appeared really … Read more

Federico Fashion Style in tears for his daughter: “You have no idea what my ex is doing to me”

Federico Fashion Style in tears for his daughter You have

The finished love with Letizia PorcuWhen his long social outburst begins, Federico Fashion Style (born Federico Lauri) is angry but controlled. “I want to say something very important… between me and her it was a long time since there was more love”. He begins by referring to the story with Letizia Porcu. He explains that … Read more

“Harry and Meghan Markle, ended in tears”: the words that freeze

La fermezza di re Carlo III e le lacrime di

The marriage between Harry and Meghan Markle it would be at the terminus. Three words from Queen Elizabeth’s companion lady were enough to freeze everyone. The woman, already in unsuspected times, said that the story between the Sussex would be “Ended in tears”. Three words that weigh like boulders and freeze the blood now that … Read more

Sinisa Mihajlovic, the message moves the world of sport: everyone in tears

Sinisa Mihajlovic the message moves the world of sport everyone

Sinisa Mihajlovic, the message moves the world of sport: everyone in tears. The former Bologna coach is experiencing a difficult moment The closeness of his family allowed him to always remain standing, even in the most difficult moments. The illness, the hospitalizations, the farewell to the rossoblù bench were not trivial steps to put behind … Read more

“After three girls I get a boy …” Michelle Hunziker in tears on social media, crazy with joy – newsby

After three girls I get a boy Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker, soon will not only be a grandmother, but a beautiful boy. After raising and cuddling three daughters for the showgirl, the time has come to hang a nice blue bow on the front door. She can’t hold back the joy in front of her followers. The Swiss presenter with a contagious smile, Michelle … Read more

Federico Fashion Style, the pain is devastating: unfortunately there was nothing to do | A sea of ​​tears –

Federico Fashion Style the pain is devastating unfortunately there was

These are very difficult days for Federico Fashion Style who appeared decidedly different from how many have come to know him. But what happened? In the last few days Federico Fashion Style ended up in the spotlight because of one personal situation who saw him as the protagonist. Federico Fashion Style web source – … Read more

Italian music in tears, the bitter announcement of these hours: “The death of a son …” –

Italian music in tears the bitter announcement of these hours

The world of music is going through one of the most terrible moments due to the loss of a great artist. But what has been discovered about it? We know full well that Sunday is the day it is dedicated to Mara Venier and its Sunday program in. Inside the living room of one of … Read more

Tears in Rai, the death that grieved millions of fans: “The greatest Italian artist …” –

Tears in Rai the death that grieved millions of fans

Rai and the death that grieved the fans remembered in one of the successful programs on Friday night: that’s who it is The Rai company, as we know, it is one of the most important television hubs in Italy as regards media and communication. It offers a wide range of services but above all a … Read more

Chanel Totti, the sad gesture after the parents’ divorce: tears on social media – SoloCine

Chanel Totti the sad gesture after the parents divorce tears

Very, very bitter tears for the young Chanel Totti, who right now finds herself forced to endure a double pain, namely the separation of her very famous and beloved parents in the first place and the disappearance of a dear person … It was – without a shadow of a doubt – a great pain … Read more

Schumacher, in the end the press release arrived: tears will never be enough –

Schumacher in the end the press release arrived tears will

Very often, when we hear news that evokes certain emotions, the tear inevitably falls. The world of sport, as is well known, offers many emotions in this regard. Comes a statement, now, concerning Schumacher, who does not fail, to stay on the subject, to unleash a shower of emotions. There Formula 1 is one very … Read more