Science: from zebrafish new technique to repair heart tissue

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AGI – Acquiring control of gene expression would allow the development of techniques aimed at the reconstruction of damaged tissue, opening up new possibilities for regenerative medicine. Scientists at Duke University have taken an important step in this direction, having published an article in the journal ‘Stem Cell’ to disclose the results of their work. … Read more

AIDS: new technique to recognize if the virus is ‘dormant’ – Chronicle

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

A new hope of treatment for HIV-infected children comes from the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital on the eve of World AIDS Day, 1 December. Doctors and researchers have managed to develop a new procedure capable of characterizing the residual viral load and the associated protective immune response present in patients, identifying those children in which … Read more

The Sun gives a show, the photos of the partial eclipse – Science & Technique

The partial solar eclipse reached its peak about an hour after its start: from Italy the darkening of the solar disk varied from 22% to 29%, with the Regions of Friuli and Veneto privileged compared to Sicily and Sardinia. The exact moment of maximum darkening was also slightly different depending on the location from which … Read more

The Moon was born in a few hours, after Theia hit the Earth VIDEO – Science & Technique

Artist’s impression of the impact between the planet Theia and the Earth, which gave rise to the Moon (source: NASA’s Ames Research Center) © ANSA / Ansa Not years or months: it took a few hours for the Moon to take shape from the carom of debris generated billions of years ago by the catastrophic … Read more

The Nobel Prize in Physics to the pioneers of quantum information – Science & Technique

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The 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger, pioneers of quantum information. The French Alain Aspect, the American John F. Clauser and the Austrian Anton Zeilinger received the Nobel Prize for having laid the foundations for the future of information and communications: their experiments on the … Read more

The Nobel Prize in Medicine to the archaeologist of human evolution – Science & Technique

The Nobel Prize in Medicine to the archaeologist of human

The 2022 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded exclusively to 67-year-old Swede Svante Paabo, for his discoveries on the hominid genome. Born on April 20, 1955 in Stockholm, Paabo can be considered a sort of DNA archaeologist. He has, in fact, opened a new field of research, paleogenomics. Pääbo is credited with having tackled one … Read more

From DNA the first recipe for healthy aging – Science & Technique

In the DNA the secret to aging in good health (sources: Pixabay DNA image, SHVETS production elderly) © ANSA / Ansa The recipe for the longevity is more complex than expected: the list of genetic ingredients it can in fact vary according to sex and age. This is demonstrated by a maxi studio conducted on … Read more

The Dart probe has framed its target, the asteroid Dimorphos DIRECT FROM 24.00 – Science & Technique

PHOTO The first image of the asteroid Dimorphos acquired by the Dart probe in view of the impact (source: NASA TV) © ANSA / Ansa All ready for the first test from planetary defense: in the night, at 1: 14 Italian on 27 September, the probe Dart of NASA will impact against the asteroid Dimorphos … Read more

Antarctica, the melting of the ice towards a critical point – Science & Technique

PHOTO Antarctica is close to a critical point: this is revealed by the map of changes in the temperatures of the Southern Ocean covering the last 45 million years (free via unsplash) © ANSA / Ansa Antarctica is close to a critical point: this is revealed by the map of changes in the temperatures of … Read more

Meta asks for a stop to the changes in Universal Time – Science & Technique

Stop to thermal cars the prospects for Italy

The days are not always the same because the Earth does not always rotate perfectly at the same speed: almost imperceptible variations of milliseconds which, however, can create problems for computer and scientific systems and for this reason require periodic synchronization of the ‘world reference clock’, the UTC . 27 changes in just 50 years, … Read more