The satellite connection arrives on Android (to call in case of emergency): the new Qualcomm technology

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

With the Snapdragon Satellite service, in collaboration with Iridium, smartphones equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor will be able to use this connectivity in case of emergency After iPhones 14 some too android smartphones they can rely on on the satellite connection for sending emergency messages. It was the announcement during the CES … Read more

Traveling with Škoda Karoq between technology and comfort – The Test by ANSA Motori

A far and wide tour at the guide of Škoda Karoq, between travel comfort, generous spaces for everything and everyone and the now traditional pragmatism of the Bohemian house, attentive to the usefulness of everything that is made available. The ANSA Motori test, which lasted several days, featured the 2.0 Tdi Evo Style DSG version, … Read more

3D is not the most amazing technology in Avatar 2 – what is the HFR system and how does it work

3D is not the most amazing technology in Avatar 2

Avatar 2: The Water Way (ours here Spoiler-free review) is truly a time machine because it reminds us of the first exciting 3D experience at the cinema, worth having in 2009, and because it reveals the potential of the so-called high frame rate (acronym, HFR). In Italian it would sound like High frequency frame, but … Read more

Tumors, anti-cancer vaccine reduces mortality: the therapeutic breakthrough with mRna technology

Tumors anti cancer vaccine reduces mortality the therapeutic breakthrough with mRna

Moderna has experimented with an mRna vaccine against melanoma, obtaining positive results: it could soon be tested on other types of cancer Posted on: 14-12-2022 12:26 JOURNALIST Freelance journalist. Born in Cagliari in 1993, he graduated in Languages ​​and Communication and then continued his studies in journalism. He takes his first professional steps in a … Read more

USA announce ‘historic turning point’ on nuclear fusion – Science & Technology

USA announce historic turning point on nuclear fusion Science

US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm announced the US breakthrough on nuclear fusion, after the production for the first time in history in a California laboratory of a reaction that generates more energy than needed to trigger it. “This is a historic achievement for researchers and staff at the National Ignition Facility who have dedicated their … Read more

The largest telescope in the world takes shape in Chile – Science & Technology

Thanks to a consortium of Italian companies, the largest optical-infrared telescope in the world, the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) of the European Southern Observatory (ESO), is being built at an altitude of 3,000 meters in the Chilean desert. of Atacama with a strong scientific and technological contribution from our country. This was explained by the … Read more

A cosmic flash never seen, has the glow of gold – Science & Technology

A cosmic flash never seen has the glow of gold

A cosmic flash never seen, the closest and most lasting ever observed and the brightest, made so bright by two incredibly dense stars which, merging, have generated gold, platinum and uranium: it is enough to ignite the enthusiasm of astronomers because now the origin of these violent cosmic events is a little less mysterious. To … Read more

Italy protagonist in the largest radio telescope in the world – Science & Technology

Artistic representation of some antennas of the Ska radio telescope (source: SKAO) © ANSA/Ansa Having a portrait of the first decades of life of the universe, being able to capture the secrets of the dark energy that occupies over 70% of it but which is still a mystery, and listen for any signs of alien … Read more

From a black hole a jet of radiation towards the Earth VIDEO – Science & Technology

PHOTO In the background the star devoured by a supermassive black hole (source: ESO/M. Kornmesser) © ANSA/Ansa The farthest black hole ever caught feasting has been identified: it is 8.5 billion light-years from us and, in the heat of devouring its stellar meal, it has emitted an unusual jet of radiation directed towards the Earth. … Read more