Telepass, never put it like this again: the payment comes to you twice | Run to move it –

Telepass never put it like this again the payment comes

The telepass is a very convenient tool for all motorists. Clearly it is more useful for all those who use our motorways very frequently, as it allows the passage through the motorway toll booths without waiting long minutes in the queue and then also to make the payment. but be careful because you could find … Read more

Goodbye Telepass, finally we will no longer be forced to give them our money: a gift for all motorists –

Goodbye Telepass finally we will no longer be forced to

Finally good news, especially for all those who frequently and regularly use the Telepass service. Several money are expected to be saved thanks to the news we are about to give you. The days when the Telepass toll payment was like a tax seem to be over. Among the typical expenses of the motorist there … Read more

Telepass autostrade: costi, richiesta online e come funziona

Electronic invoice from 1st July it is an obligation who

Telepass: cos’è e come funzionaTelepass europeo: dove funziona, come ottenerlo e quanto costaCome richiedere il TelepassCome sostituire il dispositivo TelepassTelepass: come disdireApp Telepass: quali scaricare e a cosa servonoCome aggiungere la targaPunti Telepass al posto dei Punti Blu: cosa cambia?Telepass: quanto costa e come funziona il pagamentoTelepass fatturazione (elettronica): come funziona?Telepass: come pagare online e … Read more

Telepass and Generali: the new device gives you access to a flood of services | It turns your life around

Telepass and Generali the new device gives you access to

It is called ‘Next’ and was born from the union between Telepass and Generali Italia. There are many services made available by this historic partnership. Let’s see in detail what it is and what digital services are available, in addition to the traditional non-stop motorway toll at the toll booth! Telepass, life-turning device – Motori.News … Read more

Motorway tolls: Telepass and UnipolMove. Comparison of prices and services

The end of a monopoly. With the new motorway toll payment system offered by the insurance company UnipolSai, the market dominated up to now by a single player changes. We compared the prices and characteristics of the services offered by the historic Telepass operator and the newcomer UnipolMove Umberto Schiavella @ __umbe__ 23 May 2022 … Read more

FINISHED THE MONOPOLY DOES THE CONVENIENCE BEGIN? TELEPASS comparison of services and rates with UnipolMOVE – Andrea Galeazzi

The end of the monopoly of Telepass has arrived and Unipol Move takes its first steps in the sector of tolls and services related to road travel. Will this be the beginning of an era of competition and therefore better services / lower prices? Today I show you the comparison I made between the two. … Read more

Telepass, the monopoly is over. Now go through the toll booth also with UnipolSai. Here’s how much it costs, how to join, how to withdraw

1649727164 Telepass the monopoly is over Now go through the toll

ROME – UnipolSai challenges the Telepass launching the first large-scale alternative to the yellow and gray box that allows you to pass the motorway toll booths without stopping to pay the toll. The launch of the new device – UnipolMove – breaks the monopoly that was owned by Telepass, a company created by the Autostrade … Read more