United Kingdom, the largest telephone scam: seventy thousand victims, 60 million euros stolen

United Kingdom the largest telephone scam seventy thousand victims 60

Scotland Yard has dismantled an organization that defrauded elderly or non-tech-savvy people Posted on: 24-11-2022 22:54 PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST Degree in Communication Sciences from Sapienza University and Master in Digital Journalism from Pul in Rome, he has been a professional journalist since 2007. He worked as an editor in various local newspapers and, subsequently, held the … Read more

“Another blow for the families”. What happens to the telephone rates

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

Solved, hopefully, the problem of unilateral changes applied by some energy supplier companies (the role of Arera and the Antitrust is fundamental), here is a new increase coming for Italian consumers, this time from the Telephone companies. Apparently, in recent days, several companies have sent their customers notices of changes to the contractual conditions for … Read more

Increase telephone rates, there is a risk of a frightening ‘blow’ on internet and cell phone costs. What is happening

Increase telephone rates there is a risk of a frightening

Worrying rumors about phone tariff increases. WindTre is thinking “good” of increasing everything. But for consumers it would be the “default”. From a “complaint” appeared on Republic up to the various communication bodies that are disseminating the newsis price increase alarm. This time, on the front telephony. Consumer Associations arise. Adobe Stock The price increases … Read more

“Let us raise our prices”. The request of telephone operators

Electronic invoice from 1st July it is an obligation who

L’inflation is on the rise and expands its jerseys also to telephony. The telephone operators followed the scenarios in silence but now something has changed. WindTre wrote to the Authority for Guarantees in Communications (Agcom) asking to be able to align telephone and Internet tariffs with inflation. The request dates back to June 20 that … Read more

Between butlers, Nft and VIPs: Gianluca Vacchi presents his telephone company Elimobile

from Barbara Millucci It will be active from 16 May but season tickets can already be purchased. Among the services, courses on social media and sports activities, as well as meetings with dedicated VIPs and concierges Elimobile it can be officially used in Italy from May 16th but will be presented on Thursday May 12th … Read more

Here are the rates of Elimobile, the telephone operator that combines influencers, metaverse and cryptocurrencies

Here are the rates of Elimobile the telephone operator that

EliMobile, a ambitious Italian virtual operator born from the collaboration between Mario Colabufo and the eclectic entrepreneur and YouTuber Gianluca Vacchi. EliMobile aims to combine telephony, crypto-currency and metaverse services in a single platform and from today it is possible, on official sitebook the rechargeable SIM. We can take a preview look at … Read more