High tension on Taiwan, Beijing: “Ready for war at any moment”. EU on alert: “We will not be able to stand by and watch”

High tension on Taiwan Beijing Ready for war at any

Tension grows between Taiwan and Beijing, with the dossier expected at European Council expected from tomorrow 20 October in which the scenario of a Chinese attack would not be excluded. A hypothesis, says a senior EU official, quoted by Handle“Before which theEurope he will not be able to stand by and watch ┬╗. An increasingly … Read more

Zaniolo-Roma, high tension: he understood that he is on the market

Zaniolo Roma high tension he understood that he is on the

ROME – Began drifting, as if an opponent were to jump with his famous progressions. Nicol├▓ Zaniolo arrived at Trigoria for the gatheringaccompanied by car by his father Igor, without stop for the autographs and photos that asked for a small group of young fans. L’episode provoked an annoyed reaction from one of them, who … Read more

Kaliningrad blockade, Lithuania applies sanctions. Europe-Russia tension is rekindled

Kaliningrad blockade Lithuania applies sanctions Europe Russia tension is rekindled

The fortress under siege opens a new front of tension. Kaliningrad, the piece of Russian land wedged in the middle of the NATO countries and strategic stronghold on the Baltic, for three days has returned to the center of the confrontation between the Kremlin and the West. In fact, Lithuania has decided to block the … Read more

Still tension on the European markets down, Wall Street crash – Economy

Still tension on the European markets down Wall Street crash

Thump for Wall Street. The Dow Jones closed down 2.41% at 29,929.31 points, the Nasdaq dropped 4.08% to 10,646.10 points while the S&P 500 left 3.24% at 3,667.24 points. A recession “is not inevitable”. This was stated by the American president Joe Biden to the Associtaed Press, as reported by the Bloomberg agency. The recession … Read more

The stock exchanges today, May 17th. Positive Europe between China and Wall Street push. Tension on Twitter, Musk on the attack on fake profiles

MILAN – The European markets ended higher, initially driven by the rebound of Asian equities and then by the convinced opening of Wall Street. While it worries the economic trajectory assumed by the Dragon, where the very hard lockdowns for Xi Jinping’s “Covid zero” policy are slowing down activity, investors are seeing signs of a … Read more