Diletta Leotta: a terrible disappointment | That’s why she was discarded-pontilenews.it

Diletta Leotta a terrible disappointment Thats why she was

Today she is one of the most desired women in Italy. But this event we are sure that she will leave you speechless His looks, mostly published on Instagram, are now a cult. Thousands and thousands of followers waiting for a post from him, accompanied, of course, by a photo showing himself in all his … Read more

Belen: «That’s why Stefano left me twice, I was terrible. Now everything is different, he loves Luna Mari”

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez, a long love story. It was the year 2012 when Belén and De Martino met behind the scenes of Amici di Maria De Filippi. An encounter that was the beginning of a passionate and overwhelming love story for both, which saw them literally forging ahead, getting married the following … Read more

“I’m sick, I have to operate…”, Samantha De Grenet talks about the terrible evil that entered her life

Im sick I have to operate Samantha De Grenet talks

The famous showgirl Samantha De Grenet was a guest in one of the last episodes of Verissimo. To Silvia Toffanin’s microphones, the woman told of her difficult moments about her past. It is a very serious thing that affects her a lot even now. Samantha De Grenet is a well-known television personality on Italian television. … Read more

Abandoned in a barn for 50 years, this Ferrari is worth millions but was in terrible shape – Mondofuoristrada.it

Abandoned in a barn for 50 years this Ferrari is

This is not the case with a motorsport legend: this very rare and very expensive Ferrari had a very unhappy fate. Just think that for almost half a century they left it to gather dust and rust on its own. It is time to set up an international fund for research and the discovery of … Read more

Tiziano Ferro in depression: “the obligation to solitude, suicidal thoughts”, a terrible truth

Tiziano Ferro in depression the obligation to solitude suicidal thoughts

Tiziano Ferro, a guest at Verissimo, confessed difficult secrets from his past. The singer with an open heart with Silvia Toffanin. The man talks about himself in a difficult interview. Let’s see in the details. Tiziano Ferro is one of the most loved and appreciated singers in Italy and abroad. For twenty years on the … Read more

Barbara D’Urso: “Terrible things have happened to me”. And she talks about her private

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

It was one of the leading faces of Mediaset over the last decade and, now that the Net has partially put it to rest, Barbara D’Urso he has no intention of letting go. The Neapolitan presenter is in fact about to launch a new project, a podcast in six episodes, in which she tells herself … Read more

Men and women, former suitors struck by the disease: after the wedding the terrible discovery – Show only

Men and women former suitors struck by the disease after

Men and women allows participants to find a soul mate. The young people sit on the throne with the purpose of choosing a suitor to walk away together hand in hand. Unfortunately, one of the most beloved suitors in the history of the program has made a terrible discovery in these hours. Going specifically, he … Read more

“My mother tried to kill me”, Paola Ferrari’s terrible past

My mother tried to kill me Paola Ferraris terrible past

In this season of human and professional maturity, Paola Ferrari has decided to share with the public the most painful, disturbing and complex passages of his existence to testify how and how much that silence has marked his path and is of support to those who have not yet had the determination to face violence … Read more

“My heart breaks”, terrible loss to A place in the sun: millions of fans in tears

My heart breaks terrible loss to A place in the

A terrible loss for all the avid fans of Un Posto al Sole, the famous Rai 3 soap followed by millions of Italians every night. A message that leaves you moved, one of the protagonists in tears for what happened. Here’s what happened. A place in the sun – Nanopress.it In so many years of … Read more