To slim down your legs and reduce rubbing on your flabby thighs, here are 4 toning exercises to do 3 days a week

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

The gyms have now reopened their doors with their rooms full of manual and ultra-technological tools, where motivational music resounds. In summer, however, the sports offer becomes wider and we can practice water sports, such as SUPor outdoors, such as padel. Despite this, if we were wrapped in a veil of laziness, we could also … Read more

In addition to creams and oils to firm up loose skin on arms and thighs, at 50 we also tone muscles with these 4 exercises

The more the years go by, the more our body loses elasticity and relaxes more and more, causing a flabby effect on the skin. Also contributing negatively are drastic diets, where in a short time we lose many kilos, or as a result of pregnancies or unbalanced lifestyles and nutrition. In short, many factors seem … Read more

Here’s how to lose weight and lose weight on your stomach and thighs even without doing sports and without dieting by following 3 very useful tips

Anyone who has not yet made the change of season of the wardrobes, must make a move, because the heat is upon us. The days get longer, the hours of light increase and so our desire to stay away from home. We must officially adapt our clothing to the new temperatures. We can now close … Read more