They look like vermicelli-like threads, but be warned – it’s a water superbug

From time to time nature confronts us with novelties that question everything we think we have always known about a specific subject, all the certainties we took for granted. It just happened in a mangrove forest, with gods bacteria incredible. The giant bacteria We are in the Caribbean, in the waters of a mangrove forest. … Read more

Eternal Threads, the review of a first-person puzzle game in which time is manipulated

Eternal Threads the review of a first person puzzle game in

The review of Eternal Threads, a first-person puzzle game where you have to manipulate time to save people. Imagine being able to manipulate time thanks to a very advanced technology, but having precise limits to respect, in order not to create paradoxes that would have destructive consequences for the entire universe (but without exaggerating). This, … Read more