Nancy Pelosi’s daughter: «My mother threatened but she trusts the Americans»

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Of Viviana Mazza Alexandra, who is shooting a documentary film on January 6, and the future. “You ambassador? Never” FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTNEW YORK – “Half the country doesn’t believe it anyway. Half the country thinks they were tourists who had the right to enter the building. Half of the country will never believe anything Democrats … Read more

Netflix breaks all records | Podium threatened? –

Netflix breaks all records Podium threatened Playerit

Wednesday, the first series signed by Tim Burton, reaches the enormous milestone of one billion hours viewed by Netflix users, a result achieved in the history of the great n only by two other titles. The series is a teen-drama with thriller and supernatural elements, characterized by gothic and an unedited version of Wednesday Addams: … Read more

FBI agents who raided Donald Trump’s mansion threatened with death

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from Viviana Mazza The right-wing press publishes the names. The judge who signed the warrant is also targeted FROM OUR SENDNEW YORK – A “unprecedented” number of threats against FBI personnel and property followed the search of Donald Trump’s estate in Mar-a-Lago. Precise threats, including against the two officers who signed the inventory of requisite … Read more

In France we vote again, and Macron is threatened from the left – Il Post

Loading player On Sunday 12 June in France there is the first round of legislative elections to renew the National Assembly, the chamber that gives confidence to the government. The second round will be on June 19th. For the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, who has recently obtained his second mandate, it will be … Read more

War in Ukraine, live coverage – New York Times publishes two videos on civilian prisoners threatened by Russians and then found killed Bucha – Il Fatto Quotidiano

War in Ukraine live coverage New York Times publishes

20 May 2022 09:50 The Ukrainian General Staff: “Russian attacks on Donetsk intensified” In the direction of Donetsk, the Russians stepped up “offensive and assault operations to improve the tactical situation” by inflicting “fire damage from mortars, artillery, rocket-propelled grenade launchers and operational tactical aircraft, destroying the fortifications” of Ukrainian units along the line of … Read more