Dybala to Roma: Tiago Pinto’s idea and the move on the engagement

Dybala to Roma Tiago Pintos idea and the move on

ROME – The images of the procession of over one hundred thousand Roma fans through the streets of the city to celebrate the victory of the Conference League also arrived in Paulo Dybala. First via social media, then via WhatsApp, from some friends who enhanced the atmosphere of passion and adrenaline that reigns in the … Read more

The new Rome does the shopping in the Premier League: the list of Mourinho and Tiago Pinto

The new Rome does the shopping in the Premier League

ROME – The Rome market it will be very British. Mourinho wants to fish again in the Premier. Not only Matic, but a series of players who are being monitored for next season. The team will be reinforced, at least with one purchase for each department. The coach will have a fundamental role in the … Read more