It’s time to make a law that makes the vaccination obligation permanent for all health care workers

Medicine, with its continuous overwhelming development, has prolonged life and conquered or conditioned innumerable ills. Doctors cannot escape supporting battles of civilization by collaborating in civic education and global security. The proposal for a law on the vaccination obligation of healthcare personnel would have a clinical aspect to protect the risk of patients and a … Read more

Surprise Australia: goes to the round of 16 for the second time in history. Denmark eliminated

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

At the Al Janoub stadium, Leckie’s great goal in the 60th minute was decisive. Now the “kangaroos” will face the winner of group C (Argentina or Poland) From our correspondent Davide Stoppini November 30th -Doha Grahan Arnold was right. The Australia coach had said on the eve: “We will not play for a draw”. That’s … Read more

High cholesterol, the latest studies and the fate of those who don’t cure it in time

High cholesterol the latest studies and the fate of those

Having high cholesterol, according to the latest research, indelibly “marks” the patient’s health, and it’s not just about risks. that thehypercholesterolemia it wasn’t exactly healthy we already knew that. But today new studies launch a warning towards who does not control LDL levels. InformationToday Over the years, thanks to scientific dissemination, we have understood the … Read more

Dacia really did it this time: the car declares war on the Germans – GiornaleMotori

Dacia really did it this time the car declares war

Some rumors speak of a possible repositioning of Dacia in the next 2 years… During a promotional video recently launched, Dacia communicated – to the immense joy of its consumers – its intention to launch three completely new models by 2025. Let’s see find out more… Among them is an electric SUV called Kieger, but … Read more

Putin firmly in command? The head of the Polish secret services: “The West should not be deceived, the war will last a long time”

Putin firmly in command The head of the Polish secret

Stanislaw Zaryn he is Secretary of State to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, deputy minister and head of the secret services of the Poland. He knows it well Russia and above all, what happens behind the walls of the Kremlin. His idea is that Putin, contrary to the hopes of some Western observers, … Read more

The economics of lack of attention | Fiorello’s twentieth-century jokes remind us of the time when we didn’t subcontract neurons to likes –

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

“Do you know what they say at the Red Cross? “It’s like shooting on the Democratic Party”». I highly recommend, if you have weeks of hell where, if you feel like crying, you arrange to cry in the shower so your face is washed by the time you’re done, that you pay close attention to … Read more

Time slots in the bill: what they are and how they will save you money

Time slots in the bill what they are and how

What are the time bands in the bill and what are they for? Each band corresponds to a rate that can be more or less economical. Electricity bills – pinterest photo When read the bills do you ever dwell on the numbers F1-F2-F3? Have you ever wondered what they represent? These are the time … Read more

Among the most cited in the world in the medical field there are three professors of the University of Verona: it is the first time

Among the most cited in the world in the medical

New and prestigious award for research in the medical field ofUniversity of Verona. In recent days, the list of the “Highly Cited Researchers” which identifies the most cited researchers in the world. Three professors of the Scala University reported in the list for 2022: Conrad Barbui professor of Psychiatry and director of the department of … Read more