Tiredness, depression and anxiety, Covid-19 is to blame: a study measured the consequences of the disease

Tiredness depression and anxiety Covid 19 is to blame a study

Fatigue, depression and anxiety as well as other health problems show up even 6 months after contracting the virus. Scientists are discovering more and more side effects due to Covid-19. Let’s talk about effects long-termnamed “Long-Covid”. InformationToday This serious disease, which has changed our lives on multiple aspectsstill has some surprises in store for us. … Read more

Tiredness, sleepiness and mental confusion could be transient illnesses but also symptoms of a disease that should not be underestimated

It happens a bit to everyone not to feel in perfect shape and in full strength. Often these conditions may not have a particular cause and should not be alarming. At other times, however, what appears to be a casual and momentary discomfort may have deeper roots and relate to some ailment we ignore. A … Read more

Tiredness and weakness are the classic ailments of spring but beware of these other 2 annoying ailments that could affect us all in the coming days

If we were to draw up a ranking of the best-selling drugs and parapharmaceuticals in this period, there would certainly be supplements and multivitamins in the lead. Spring brings with it a decisive change in the habits of our organism, also influenced by the climate. Especially if such an alternating May happens, able to take … Read more

If you suffer from unusual tiredness and headaches but also from sleepiness this season, here’s what they should do

Finally, after a long and cold winter, the warm season and warmer temperatures have arrived. Even our body wakes up from semi-lethargy in winter, but for some this awakening can bring discomfort related to the change of the season. These discomforts can be just temporary ailments, or they can be symptoms of more serious problems. … Read more

Tiredness, chest pains, confusion may not be symptoms of a heart attack but of a less serious condition and how to tell the difference

We have just recovered from a sudden state of malaise and we are incredulous that we are still alive, because we really thought we were going to die. We were assailed by fear for no specific reason and we immediately thought we were in the middle of a heart attack that was very dangerous for … Read more

Tiredness and sleepiness: not just the change of season | They could be related to one of these conditions

Tiredness and sleepiness not just the change of season

It can happen to everyone to feel tired and fatigued, especially with the change of season. But these symptoms could also be indicators of serious illness and disease. Each of us could find ourselves facing bad moments, characterized by a sense of tiredness, lack of energy and the desire to get out of bed. Tiredness … Read more