Zanetti: “Argentina, it’s a dream. I went to Messi and he told me…”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The words of the Inter vice president: “A dream that these guys have given to a people, to a nation, to forty-five million Argentines” Javier Zanetti, vice president of Inter, granted an interview to the microphones of Repubblica after Argentina’s victory in the World Cup in Qatar. These are his words. Zanetti, what is the … Read more

The champion Silvia Salis attacked by the taxi driver: «She only wanted cash, she told me “The free ride is over”»

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

from Julia Mietta The former Olympic hammer thrower and now vice president of Coni recounted the episode on Instagram: «I asked to pay 32 euros with an ATM, she started yelling arrogantly. She had a pos in the car, but he felt entitled to answer me like this » “It’s over.” This was the sentence … Read more

The Izzo sisters: «Dad was a magnetic field, he told each one that it was his favourite. Ricky Tognazzi? He is our brother”

The Izzo sisters Dad was a magnetic field he told

from Candida Morvillo Fiamma and Giuppy and the twins Simona and Rossella: “Life, love, divorces” The idea was of Simona: «Between Cain and Abel, Romulus and Remus and the Karamazov brothers, there was no story that expressed a relationship between brothers who do not hurt each other». The four Izzo sisters they all took up … Read more

Mara Venier, the serious illness told live: “… nothing to do” –

Mara Venier the serious illness told live nothing to

Mara Venier and the serious chronic illness told on live television has left everyone breathless: that’s who it’s about One of the presenters who, thanks to her enormous professionalism, has won the attention of millions of viewers who today love and esteem her particularly is she, the splendid Mara Venier. The woman has now been … Read more

Lola, a child killed in Paris. Dahbia is the suspect: she says she is homeless but she danced on TikTok and told “crazy shopping”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

She looked like a girl like any other, as she sang in amusement in the videos posted on TikTok. Only a few hours later Dahbia Benkired was arrested and transferred to the prison of Fresnes, in the southern suburbs of Paris, accused of being the murderess of the 12-year-old. Lola Daviet. She declared that she … Read more

Platinette: «Mina in her slippers told me how to make a musical. I took 50 kilos for love “

from Valerio Cappelli The artist: «When I was 18 I cheated on my girlfriend with a boyfriend. It never occurred to me to say: mom I’m gay. She once she found some pantyhose in my room, she washed them and put them in the drawer along with the socks “ Good morning, we need to … Read more

Bill to the stars: here is finally revealed the method to cut consumption, no one had ever told you before

Bill to the stars here is finally revealed the method

Bill to the stars: here is finally revealed the method to cut consumption once and for all, no one had ever told you before! In recent months, the phenomenon of the increase in the prices of raw materials, water, gas and energy has been at the center of news, economics and politics. Bills skyrocketing. Credits: … Read more

Maldini: ‘Zero doubts about De Ketelaere, remember Platini? Botman first choice, then … I believed in the Scudetto, I told Elliott to keep the January treasure ‘

War in Ukraine where are we armies blocked south disputed

The director of the technical area of ​​Milan Paolo Maldini spoke at the Trento Sport Festival de The Gazzetta dello Sport. These are the most significant statements of him, starting from a background on the arrival in the Rossoneri of Theo Hernandez: “My first solo purchase was actually Krunic with whom we already agreed the … Read more

Italy, Mancini: “Spinazzola told me he is not well, Pellegrini to be evaluated”

Italy Mancini Spinazzola told me he is not well Pellegrini

FLORENCE – “Spinazzola called me and told me he doesn’t feel great, he needs to work two weeks and I left him at home. I left the others at home because they are two games, I didn’t want to call a lot of them. Several good ones stayed at home, but I thought it was … Read more