Killer snowstorm in the United States: death toll rises, shops looted in Buffalo

Killer snowstorm in the United States death toll rises shops

The blizzard (blizzard) that is hitting the eastern United States has brought the state of New York to its knees, especially the city of Buffalo Posted on: 26-12-2022 14:17 WEB EDITORS He has been writing on the web for 15 years, taking his first steps as a ghost writer for small and medium-sized companies and … Read more

Montenegro, family quarrel ends in shooting: the toll is eleven dead and six injured

Montenegro family quarrel ends in shooting the toll is eleven

Massacre in Cetinje, a town in Montenegro, where a 34-year-old man killed 10 people and was then shot down. 3 days of national mourning proclaimed Posted on: 08-13-2022 09:39 PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST Degree in Communication Sciences at Sapienza and master in Digital Journalism at Pul in Rome, he has been a professional journalist since 2007. He … Read more

Nigeria. Massacre in the church, the toll is 21 dead. Those responsible are sought

Reuters Bloody Pentecost in Nigeria, where men armed with rifles opened fire on the faithful inside a Catholic church in the South West of the country, killing several people, including many children, who were celebrating the Solemnity. According to an initial reconstruction, the commandos also made use of explosives at the end of the Mass. … Read more

Telepass, the monopoly is over. Now go through the toll booth also with UnipolSai. Here’s how much it costs, how to join, how to withdraw

1649727164 Telepass the monopoly is over Now go through the toll

ROME – UnipolSai challenges the Telepass launching the first large-scale alternative to the yellow and gray box that allows you to pass the motorway toll booths without stopping to pay the toll. The launch of the new device – UnipolMove – breaks the monopoly that was owned by Telepass, a company created by the Autostrade … Read more