Tom Cruise, the sad news shocked the fans | Now there is nothing more to do –

Tom Cruise the sad news shocked the fans Now

Those who arrive late, stay badly: the well-known Hollywood actor Tom Cruise had launched a huge initiative. Unfortunately, the fans woke up too late and now, there is no more remedy for what happened. Timing is everything in life. If only the fans had realized what was going on first, maybe they would have taken … Read more

The return of Tom Cruise (36 years later) and the “Top Gun generation”

from Matteo Persivale The actor in the same role in which millions of teenagers identified themselves: 36 years later everything changed, except him. old do they indicate the young up-and-coming actor on duty as “the new Tom Cruise”? Twenty years? Twenty-five? Then for him always there. The new Tom Cruise Tom Cruise, the original … Read more

Che tempo che fa, the last episode: guests Elodie and Tom Hanks

Che tempo che fa the last episode guests Elodie and

The singer, the Oscar-winning actor and also Austin Butler and Stefano Pioli in the studio of Fabio Fazio on Sunday 29 May for the final appointment on Rai 3 Source: Rai Press Office Elodie, Tom Hanks, Austin Butler and Stefano Pioli: the season of What’s the weather like which, after hosting Richard Gere last week, … Read more

Tom Hanks, unrecognizable in “Elvis”: “Oh my God, where did I board”

from Valerio Cappelli, sent to Cannes The American star starred in Baz Luhrmann’s film as the controversial, skilful and evil manager of Elvis Tom Hanks ace of all time. At least on this strip of land, al Cannes Film Festivalthe primacy of cinema over music is reaffirmed even if it exists Elvis Presley middle. Elvis … Read more

Tom Cruise: “I’m not afraid of danger, since I was a child I was looking for adventure”

from Stefania Ulivi The star arrived in Cannes by helicopter to present her film Top Gun Maverick welcomed by a cheering crowd. Films should only be seen in cinemas CANNES – Why do I keep risking my life on sets? No one has ever asked Gene Kelly why he dances. Tom Cruise landed in front … Read more