Alfonso Signorini, tragic awakening: unfortunately the news is of these hours | There is nothing left to do –

Alfonso Signorini tragic awakening unfortunately the news is of these

Alfonso Signorini-Lineadiretta24 How will the host of Big Brother Vip react, it seems for the last year, when he knows what’s going on behind his back? Alfonso Signorini is conducting the seventh edition of Big Brother VIP. Perhaps not everyone remembers that before being the conductor in the last 4 Vip editions, he was a … Read more

Udinese-Inter, CM’s report cards: de Vrij is tragic, Brozovic is irritating. What a Sunday for Bijol!

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

UDINESE, THE REPORT CARDS OF CM Silvestri 6.5 – He can do nothing about Barella’s splendid free-kick, save by diving forward on Lautaro’s attempt. Constant presence. Becao 7 – The Brazilian central does not let anything pass. Defensive leader, practically unbeatable. Lautaro canceled, Correa also does not see the ball. Bijol 8 – He misses … Read more

17 million bill for gas and electricity, blow to Roncadin: “Tragic situation”

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

MEDUNO – Dario Roncadin, soul and brain of the company that bears his surname (throughout Italy and beyond), speaks openly of a “tragic” situation. At the same time he vows to “not give up”, even if he is forced to cancel the classic company open day and to advise his employees on a series of … Read more

Tragic car accident for Alexander AJ Jennings: this is who the actor of the TV series ‘Outer Banks’ was

Tragic car accident for Alexander AJ Jennings this is who

The boy was 22 and was hit by two cars on the night of July 5th. In the third season of the well-known TV series aired on Netflix he was the stunt double of Chase Stokes. He mourns in the world of American cinema. Actor Alexander AJ Jennings passed away at the age of just … Read more

Francesca De André’s post: “I suffered severe violence, I’m in tragic conditions”

Francesca De Andr, granddaughter of the great Fabrizio and former Big Brother participant, long away from TV. She has posted a post in which she explains that she suffered an assault which she is trying to react to I come back only today after days where I was forced to disappear, above all due to … Read more