Davide Rebellin overwhelmed and killed by a pirate truck while training on his bike

Cesare Cremonini assault on the Euganeo stadium Fans in

VICENZA – Tragedy on the road, yet another, in the Vicenza area today, Wednesday 30 November. And the victim is Davide Rebellinthe 51-year-old cycling champion who was hit by a truck and is died along the Regional road 11, in the territory of the municipality of Montebello Vicentino. The accident shortly before noon: according to … Read more

Training with DJ sets, between safes and paintings: a trip to the new John Reed gym (PHOTO)

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The DJ console, a stage, a bistro, paintings on the walls: we are not in a disco, but in the new John Reed gym inaugurated today in the city centre. As is well known, Rsg Group, the first fitness company in the world, has taken over and redeveloped, after two years of work, the old … Read more

Brain, always keep it in training | The test to detect brain dysfunction

Brain always keep it in training The test to

With this test you can test yourself and find out what is the level of attention and what are the reaction times of your brain. The brain – like the rest of our body – is an extraordinary “machine”. Although the idea may scare us, its decay is absolutely normal over the years. Alzheimer’s and … Read more

General medicine. Chaos doctors in training in Campania. Fimmg: “Colleagues without salary for seven months”

The union: “The failure to provide scholarships for almost 200 doctors who started the Specific Training Course in General Medicine for the three-year period 2021/24 last April is unjustifiable. Doctors with families to support, children to look after, rents and bills (increasingly high) to pay and who after seven months have not received a single … Read more

General medicine training 2022/2025. The entry test in March 2023

One reports it deliberates of the Aosta Valley council. Fimmg: “No more delays, it is necessary to start immediately the procedure for the 2023/26 call and recover the lost annuity” 04 NOV – “We learn from the resolution of the Health Department of the Aosta Valley that the agreed date for the Competition for access … Read more

Training begins at the table, the 10 foods that cannot be missing in the fitness diet – Lifestyle

Training begins at the table the 10 foods that cannot

A healthy diet. Hippocrates already had the concept clear: “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. Never as in recent years eating well, being healthy by eating well has become popular and of great importance, not surprisingly there is even a dedicated day, the Eat Healthy Day of November 2, in which … Read more

Alessandra Prosdocimo, carabiniera and judoka: “How many challenges: sport is the training ground for life”

Alessandra Prosdocimo carabiniera and judoka How many challenges sport is

VALDOBBIADENE – From judogi – the kimono fastened by the typical knotted belt – to the uniform, by international tatami mats – the “carpet” on which matches are fought – to the streets and villages of the Treviso foothills. Alessandra Prosdocimo boasts a top-level palmares in judo: athlete of the Carabinieri Sports Group of Rome … Read more

Weight training reduces the risk of premature death from all causes (except cancer)

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from Cristina Marrone According to the researchers, seniors could benefit from muscle-strengthening activities. But those who also engage in aerobic activity get even better benefits Regular exercise with weights is also linked to a lower risk of premature death from any cause, except for cancer. This is revealed by one of the largest studies of … Read more

In Germany, the Länder compete for qualified teachers. And many choose part time. From training to salaries: the German system – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

Teacher access, salary and pension in Germany is the responsibility of Länder. In general the Bavaria it is the most rigid: you must first choose which type of schools you want the qualification, for example elementary or high school. Elsewhere the unitary school model is more widespread (Gesamtschule) and only the age range for which … Read more

It takes 11 minutes of training 3 times a week to keep you fit and healthy!

It takes 11 minutes of training 3 times a week

To keep you fit and healthy, just 11 minutes of bodyweight training 3 times a week would be enough: science says it. If you don’t like long training sessions and often don’t engage in physical activity due to lack of time, there is good news. According to science, in fact, 11 minutes of training three … Read more