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The drastic transformation of Vanessa Incontrada before and after

Vanessa Incontrada has long been a regular presence in our homes, thanks to the small screen and in particular to Zelig. She was born in 1978, she is of Italian-Spanish origins (respectively from her father and mother), she lived between Follonica, Tuscany and Barcelona, ​​before moving to Milan at the age of 18 to become … Read more

The incredible transformation of Hallelujah, the skinny dog ​​tied to a tree

The incredible transformation of Hallelujah the skinny dog ​​tied to

They called it Hal, diminutive of Hallelujah, after Leonard Cohen’s famous song. And his story is as exciting as the song by the Canadian singer. The protagonist is a dog, or rather what was left of it: he was found on Easter morning, tied to a tree in southwestern Philadelphia, so poorly fed as to … Read more