Putin between martial law and Transnistria, US intelligence: “The long war of the tsar”

Putin between martial law and Transnistria US intelligence The long

He did not claim victories or escalation of the conflict, Vladimir Putin in the long-awaited speech of May 9. A choice that analysts are considering extensively: what will the future of the war be like now? US National Intelligence Director Avril Haines believes that “Russian forces will not stop at the Donbass, but will bring … Read more

Ukrainian media: “Russia has a plan to invade Moldova and take Transnistria” – Open

Ukrainian media Russia has a plan to invade Moldova and

According to reports from some Ukrainian media, Russia would have ready an attack plan against Moldova that would repeat the Donbass scheme. The Ukrainian intelligence sources cited by Suspiline e other Ukrainian media they argue that there are a number of indicators that suggest an attack on the state that hosts the Transnistrian region and … Read more