“I had a transplant”: the incredible confession of Francesco Facchinetti – SoloCine

I had a transplant the incredible confession of Francesco Facchinetti

You know: social media are the reflection of one’s life, especially when it comes to public figures. All his followers noticed the change of look and, for this reason, Francesco Facchinetti, one of the most beloved faces of Italian TV, left statements on his new look. He finds out what he said. Born in 1980, … Read more

Infant Jesus, first heart transplant transported at a controlled temperature

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

from Clarida Salvatori An innovative system that allows the organ to be transported at 5 degrees and thus avoids the risk of freezing. The baby is fine and has already been discharged Small. And light, just 60 grams. Nevertheless able to save the life of a child who had been hospitalized for months. All ‘Bambino … Read more

Transplant Simona Ventura, the terrible disease and the drama she is going through

Transplant Simona Ventura the terrible disease and the drama she

Simona Ventura has been living for some time now with a terrible genetic disease that has entered her life, a situation that leads her and is extremely worried about the fragility of the situation. We have already talked about it in the past, unfortunately the life of Simona Venturaone of the most loved and well-known … Read more

Hepatitis children, one death in Ireland (liver transplant for another minor): the 4 symptoms that reveal the disease

Pediatric acute hepatitisthe contagion does not stop in Europe and continues to worry doctors. The situation is particularly alarming in Ireland where one child has died and another was in such serious condition that he had to require a liver transplant. The mysterious strain of hepatitis affecting minors is increasingly perplexing health care managers around … Read more