Petrol, concessions also in France and Spain. But in exchange discounts on public transport and bonuses for low incomes – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Petrol concessions also in France and Spain But in

The generalized discount on fuel (“For those who own Ferraris” to quote the economist Carlo Cottarelli which highlighted how the very rich also benefited from the costly social measure) it also ended up in France and Spain. The government of Emmanuel Macron from 2023 it supplies a annual bonus of 100 euros a which they … Read more

Stop the obligation to wear masks on public transport

Luca Salatino and Elenoire Ferruzzi the confrontation with Soraia

September 30, 2022 arrived, the last day on which the obligation to wear masks on public transport is in force. The Government has not decided otherwise, no extension was issued and this means only and exclusively one thing: from tomorrow – Saturday 1st October – everything changes. The rule ceases to exist according to which … Read more

Masks. Government is thinking of extending the obligation for hospitals and RSA. On the other hand, from 1 October, the end of the obligation on means of transport is certain

According to what is learned, the Ministry of Health is currently working on an extension that must be issued by tomorrow. Hospitals, clinics and assisted health residences host fragile patients and in this case a surplus of attention is still considered necessary. In any case, this would be a limited extension in time since at … Read more

Covid, stop the obligation of masks on means of transport and hospitals: virologists are divided

Gemelli tirate fuori gli artigli loroscopo di domani giovedi 22

From 1 October, the obligation to wear the mask on bus, train, metro and in hospitals, medical clinics and RSA. According to Adnkronos Health, the Ministry of Health would not be willing to intervene between now and 30 September, extending the obligation with a new order. Instead, there could be a … Read more

First pediatric heart transport at controlled temperature – Health & Wellness

First pediatric heart transport at controlled temperature © ANSA / EPA (ANSA) – ROME – A small heart weighing 60 grams saved the life of a child hospitalized for months at the Infant Jesus. It is the first transplant in Italy in which an innovative heart transport system was used – at a pediatric level. … Read more

Great Britain, the largest transport strike of the last 30 years begins today

Great Britain the largest transport strike of the last 30

LONDON. It’s the UK’s biggest strike in 30 years in what promises to be a week of hell for all citizens. Indeed, the summer of discontent, as is now feared given the growing social tensions, similar to those of the winter of discontent, that is the famous quotation from Shakespeare’s Richard III and then homonymous … Read more

What changed yesterday regarding the obligation to have a mask and green pass in restaurants, transport, gyms and stadiums

from Monica Guerzoni and Fiorenza Sarzanini The new anti Covid provisions started on May 1st: all obligations indoors and outdoors The new Covid rules are in effect. For green pass And masks different provisions have been made. Here is what they are for each place the obligations to be respected. Outdoors For all outdoor activities … Read more

Masks indoors until June 15 on transport and for shows – Health & Wellness

Inseparable companion masks for another month and a half, until June 15, in many places indoors. The obligation to use the masks, the FFp2, remains, in fact, in local public transport and long-distance, for shows open to the public, in cinemas, theaters, entertainment venues and live music and for all sporting events and competitions that … Read more