Mom recovers from stage 4 breast cancer with a “new treatment”: “I was given 3 years to live”

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A mom who was given just three years to live after a heartbreaking diagnosis is now free from breast cancer, thanks to a “miraculous” treatment. Judy Perkins’ cancer journey first began in 2003 when she was informed that she had stage zero breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Treatments were successful, … Read more

Multiple sclerosis, the San Raffaele study on the new perspective of treatment with neuronal stem cells: “They slow down the disease”

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The innovation of this study is represented by the use of a new advanced cell therapy based on neural stem cells never used before in patients with multiple sclerosis. These cells, unlike hematopoietic stem cells (used in relapsing remitting forms of disease but ineffective in progressive forms) and mesenchymal stem cells (which have not shown … Read more

Pancreatic cancer: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Gianluca Vialli’s disease

Pancreatic cancer symptoms diagnosis and treatment of Gianluca Viallis disease

It is a very dangerous type of cancer: only 10% of those affected are alive five years after diagnosis Gianluca Vialli fought for five years with the pancreatic cancer, it looked like he was able to surpass that in 2020, but unfortunately in the end the disease won out and snatched the beloved former footballer … Read more

Red Canzian: «I have treatment for another year and a half, they opened my chest again. Patty Pravo? She was very beautiful, maybe I was beautiful too »

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Of Candida Morville The singer: «At the age of 16 I took part in the Conegliano Festival which was presented by Baudo. That day I understood that I wanted to be a musician and that I also had to change my look» Red Canzian’s first childhood memory? «Mom who opened the window and sang “open … Read more

Pancreatic cancer, symptoms and treatment of the disease that struck Gianluca Vialli – newsby

Pancreatic cancer symptoms and treatment of the disease that struck

GIANLUCA VIALLI -NEWSBY- Often the private lives of VIPs turn the spotlight on important issues, such as bad diseases. As happened with Fedez last spring, when she announced to everyone that she urgently had to go under the knife for having discovered that she had a rare pancreatic tumor. Or Gianluca Vialli who has been … Read more

Leukemia, new therapy heals little girl from “incurable” disease. How the treatment that saved Alyssa works

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Leukemia “erased” by a revolutionary therapy. It’s the story of Alyssa13, from Leicester, who in May 2022 became the first patient in the world to receive modified T-cells at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH), in partnership with UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health. A treatment that has eradicated – according to … Read more

Listeriosis: symptoms, care and treatment

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Being an infection caused byaction of a pathogenic bacterium, listeriosis can present different clinical pictures. It is less frequent than, for example at the salmonellosis, however, it resists various environmental conditions, including those concerning food processing. There are indeed some foods to pay more attention to and which should be avoided, especially in certain cases. … Read more

First ALS treatment for patients with particular mutation – Health & Wellness

There is a potential cure for ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, for patients with a particular Sod1 gene mutation.. Proof of its effectiveness is an international study on 108 patients, with which Tofersen, an antisense oligonucleotide (Aso) that acts selectively on messenger RNA, blocking the synthesis of the altered protein was tested. This drug slows down … Read more

Anaphylactic shock, that’s what it is: symptoms, causes, consequences and treatment – Chronicle –

By anaphylactic shock, or anaphylaxis, we mean one generalized allergic reaction, which occurs suddenly and can lead to death if not promptly treated. It begins very quickly by affecting two or more systems, such as the skin and respiratory, or circulatory, or gastrointestinal system. In short, it is an allergic reaction particularly severe, which occurs … Read more

Oncology Pharmacy, Sifact: transforming effective therapy into efficient treatment in the real world – Pharmacist33

below162022 National Conference of the SIFaCT Oncology Network, “Present and future of clinical cancer pharmacy between therapeutic innovations and new organizational models” in Bari 17-18 June Transformation of an effective therapy in clinical trials into an efficient treatment in the real world, precision medicine and the active participation of the NHS pharmacist in multidisciplinary teams … Read more