Postal vouchers under the tree ūüéÖ with really affordable returns, the perfect gift

Postal vouchers under the tree with really affordable returns the

Postal bonds are among the most used forms of investment, among these there is one to be made by Christmas which is really convenient: here’s what you need to know As you may well know, postal bonds are often one of the most used forms of investment, among the different types there is one to … Read more

Porcupine Tree: ¬ęRock has not been able to reinvent itself. The Maneskins? They are terrible, a poor copy of the past “

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from Barbara Visentin Steven Wilson’s British group returned after 12 years with the album Closure / Continuation: The Music of Today TikTok. We can’t Today’s music TikTok, social content. How do you make music in 15 seconds? We can’t. In fact the songs of the Porcupine Tree, the cult British rock band back with the … Read more

The incredible transformation of Hallelujah, the skinny dog ‚Äč‚Äčtied to a tree

The incredible transformation of Hallelujah the skinny dog ‚Äč‚Äčtied to

They called it Hal, diminutive of Hallelujah, after Leonard Cohen’s famous song. And his story is as exciting as the song by the Canadian singer. The protagonist is a dog, or rather what was left of it: he was found on Easter morning, tied to a tree in southwestern Philadelphia, so poorly fed as to … Read more

Microsoft Flight Simulator has a tree problem in Italy – it looks like Jurassic Park

Microsoft Flight Simulator has a tree problem in Italy

The new free update released on May 17 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is called “World Update IX: Italy and Malta“, and brings specific graphic improvements for the scenarios of the two countries. In Italy, however, it seems that something has gone wrong, because our peninsula has been conquered by trees, which also stand out in … Read more