Superlega: Piacenza in emergenza fa il colpo a Trento. Perugia travolge Verona

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

Senza Leal e Lucarelli la Gas Sales con il nuovo coach Botti fa bottino Pieno. Gli umbri non si fermano più. Dopo la sconfitta con Milano il presidente di Siena attacca la squadra Siena – Milano 0-3 (15-25, 22-25, 15-25) Sulle ali della bella vittoria in Coppa Italia, Milano apre il 2023 con il rotondo … Read more

Serie A: Virtus stop also with Tortona, Trento in the cup finals

Macura protagonist with 22 points and 5 out of 6 from three, for Scariolo’s team another stop after the one against Milan. L’Aquila moved to Brescia with 16 points from Flaccadori Derthona stops the leaders Virtus with a performance of great quality and determination, thus approaching just two points from the top of the standings … Read more

Blow Brindisi, Trento ko. Treviso, Tortona, Verona and Brescia win. Scafati overwhelms Naples

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

The 13th day: Burnell drags the Apulians, the Banks-Iroegbu couple decides the Veneto derby The 13th day of Serie A is completed. The Happy Casa Brindisi, without Nick Perkins, imposes itself on the Dolomiti Energia Trentino. Treviso, Tortona and Verona also win. Scafati overwhelms Naples Trento-Brindisi 68-78 — Coach Vitucci’s Happy Casa Brindisi opens its … Read more

Trieste gives itself a victory: beat Trento

La vita di Cristina Vittoria Egger chi e la madre

Triesteback from the defeat in Varese, hosts the Dolomites Energy Trentino of the former Grazulis, who defeated Olimpia Milano in the last championship game. Trieste-Trento, the race Coach Legovich starts with Davis, Bartley, Gaines, Pacher and Spencer, on the other side of the parquet line up Lockett, Conti, Flaccadori, Grazulis and Atkins. The former Grazulis … Read more

Openjobmetis, also a tribute to Trento: mocking KO at extra time

Openjobmetis also a tribute to Trento mocking KO at

Losing always hurts, losing like this, however, is very painful: for the second consecutive time Openjobmetis leaves the field with the magone and with a handful of flies after putting a more structured opponent on the ropes and built for a high-ranking championship. After Brescia, the Varese homage it also ends up in the hands … Read more

Bertolazzi Memorial: Germani Brescia prevails over Aquila Trento

Bertolazzi Memorial Germani Brescia prevails over Aquila Trento

At the Matteo Bertolazzi Memorial in Parma it’s a day of finals. The final between Dolomiti Energia Trentino and Germani Brescia takes place with a two-ball at 20:30. The two teams, yesterday, emerged victorious from the semifinal matches respectively with Unahotels Reggio Emilia and Openjobmetis Varese. Germani Brescia – Dolomites Energy Trentino 77-71 (20-12, 26-33, … Read more

Calcio Serie C – Mantova is released: Trento beaten 2-1 | the Voice of Mantua

Calcio Serie C Mantova is released Trento beaten 2 1

MANTUA Mantua captures their first success of the season, beating Trento 2-1 at Martelli. Strong performance, that of the red and white, in the lead after 12 minutes with Mensah. But Trento, who always remained in the game, grabbed a tie in the 44th minute with Bocalon. In the second half, at 55 ‘, the … Read more

Juventus Next Gen Trento 2-0: Brambilla’s adventure begins in the best possible way

The lawyer Zuin and the bursts of scams in the

Juventus Next Gen hosts Trento on the occasion of the first day of Serie C 2022/23: summary, scoreboard, result and live news There Juventus Next Gen cuts the starting line for the 2022/23 season and does so by beating the Trento at Moccagatta on the first day of Serie C. Three points at the debut … Read more