Juventus, capital gains trial: the Public Prosecutor’s Office is asking for 9 penalty points. The club: “Appeal inadmissible”

1674234787 Juventus capital gains trial the Public Prosecutors Office is asking

ROME – About twenty minutes late the new process on capital gains, a remake of what between April and May 2022 had brought only acquittals: for the Juventus and the other companies involved. It starts again after the request for revocation of the prosecutor’s office, daughter of the Prisma investigation of the Turin prosecutor’s office: … Read more

Free hot water at home by mounting the servers on the boiler: the trial of a widespread Heata data center is starting in the UK

Free hot water at home by mounting the servers on

People in South East England can try out a new system of getting hot water for free. Her name is Heata e uses the heat produced by the servers to heat the water from the water heaters in the homes of the people who have joined the project. At first glance, the concept behind … Read more

Juve capital gains investigation, hearing set for new trial: wiretaps

La vita di Cristina Vittoria Egger chi e la madre

High noon. The FIGC appeals court has set the hearing to decide on a possible new sporting trial on the alleged fictitious capital gains of Juventus and 9 other clubs (Empoli, Genoa, the “old” Novara , Parma, Pescara, Pisa, Pro Vercelli and Sampdoria) with 52 executives involved. The federal prosecutor could in fact reopen the … Read more

THE AMBUSH – The Elkann-Marotta contacts and the rumors about Giuntoli. But who’s in charge? More injuries, Allegri will have to make do. Future Rabiot and possible replacement. Juve trial, the forecasts of the “azzeccagarbugli”. Freezing weather, hot girls

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

from Andrea Bosco Let’s start with the health conditions of Gianluca Vialli which led the former champion of Sampdoria and Juventus to leave his commitment with the national team. Vialli has been fighting a tough battle against cancer for years. As the brave man he’s always been, he’s revealed his illness. It seems … Read more

How much did not have a “Nuremberg Trial” weigh on Italy?

How much did not have a Nuremberg Trial weigh on

The November 20, 1945 opened to Nuremberg the first of several trials in which i crimes committed by Nazi leaders during the second World War and the abomination of Holocaust. The decision to celebrate the trials was made by States United, Great Britain And Russia. The Palace of Justice of the city which was the … Read more

Capital gains, Juve towards the trial. The background: «The resignation? Agnelli and the Board risked arrest”

Capital gains Juve towards the trial The background The resignation

There Turin prosecutor’s office prepares to ask the referral to trial for the components of board of directors of the Juventus. Bad resignation have a first effect: the prosecutors could abandon the appeal against the decision of the judge for the preliminary investigations. That last October 12th has rejected the request for precautionary measures against … Read more

The parable of Amber Heard, from the media trial to the escape from Hollywood

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

from Chiara Maffioletti The actress moved to a small town in Palma de Mallorca where she leads a simple life. But there are those who think she is just preparing for a new legal battle A famous Spanish proverb goes like this: Al mal tiempo, buena cara. Translated: Make a nice face even if times … Read more

The trial of Allegri’s ex-partner for embezzlement and violation of family obligations: the request

The trial of Allegris ex partner for embezzlement and violation of

In Turin, a new chapter of the affair that is opposing in court took place Massimiliano AllegriJuventus coach, and his former partner, Claudia Ughiwith whom he had the youngest son who lives with his mother in Tuscany. A very delicate legal dispute, which arose – from what has already emerged and announced by the agency … Read more

Identified “Colonel Alpha” who terrorized Kherson. Kiev wants a trial in front of the world

Identified Colonel Alpha who terrorized Kherson Kiev wants a trial

from Francesco Battistini An international arrest warrant has been issued for Oleksandr Naumenko FROM OUR SENDKIEV – Hto a banal face, as evil often does. Paffutella, clean shaven. And she always wears the telnyashka white and red: the Russian anti-terrorist’s Omon stripe, those who respond to the motto we do not know pity and we … Read more

Soulstice, a new trial of the action made in Italy by Reply Game Studios

Soulstice a new trial of the action made in Italy

We once again tried Soulstice, Reply Game Studios’ great action: here are the last impressions before the review. Soulstice’s first short demo wasn’t able to show just how much the game actually has to offer, but even with its limitations it gave us considerable hopes for the final quality of Soulstice’s work. Reply Game Studios. … Read more