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Unforgettable Paolo Rossi creepy tribute impossible not to cry

The memory of Paolo Rossi is still very strong and full of emotions. The great and unforgettable Pablito, hero of the 1982 Mundial, that all Italian fans will always carry in their hearts. It’s been almost two years now since Paolo Rossi there is no more. for months theItaly whole cried moved by the sudden … Read more

Openjobmetis, also a tribute to Trento: mocking KO at extra time

Openjobmetis also a tribute to Trento mocking KO at

Losing always hurts, losing like this, however, is very painful: for the second consecutive time Openjobmetis leaves the field with the magone and with a handful of flies after putting a more structured opponent on the ropes and built for a high-ranking championship. After Brescia, the Varese homage it also ends up in the hands … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II, the queue for the funeral home suspended: thousands of subjects waiting for the last tribute. Funeral on Monday

Queen Elizabeth II the queue for the funeral home suspended

Latest news on the death and funeral of Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom. Thousands of subjects line up in London to pay their respects and bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II whose coffin is displayed in Westminster Hall.Mattarella telephones King Charles III. State funeral on Monday: among the funeral participants also Macron “The … Read more

The Rai1 show for Raffaella Carrà has been postponed, the tribute evening will not air in 2022

The Rai1 show for Raffaella Carra has been postponed the

The project of an evening event on Rai1 dedicated to the memory of Raffaella Carrà seems destined to postpone to 2023. The hypothesized date is that of June 18, when she would have turned 80 years old. It was imagined as one of the pivotal television events of Rai1’s summer, but the evening dedicated to … Read more