Kiev deploys the “special team”: those who hunt down the Tsar’s men

The “secret” behind the numerous and unexpected losses of general And commanded Russians since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine that so angered the Tsar would have been revealed: a team of former British Sas (Special Air Service) soldiers would have killed at least 20 Russian generals and 15 mercenaries from Wagner, a battalion … Read more

“Destroyed the best Russian tank”: another setback to the Tsar’s forces

Putin’s Russian army continues to lose pieces: after the sensational sinking of the cruiser Moskva, after the flames of the frigate Admiral Makarov, the second most important military ship after the Moskva, the Ukrainians destroyed even the best tank at the disposal of Russian soldiers, the T-90M, destroyed in the eastern part near Kharkiv as … Read more

In Kherson the Buryats fire on Chechens: tensions in the Tsar’s army

Morale in pieces, men who also come from other countries just to lend a hand to Putin’s army but above all mutiny of the Russian soldiers towards the Chechens: this is what some sources in Ukraine reveal about the increasingly complicated situation that does not see a real supremacy of means and men in the … Read more