Xbox Developer_Direct: date, time and what we can expect, follow with us on Twitch

Xbox Developer Direct date time and what we can expect follow

Here we are, in a few days the Developer_Direct, the event organized by Microsoft in which the news arriving for Xbox Series X | S and PC by the first party studios during the next few months will be presented. The showcase is scheduled for 21:00 Italian on Wednesday January 25, 2023. Of course you … Read more

I saved on Twitch: «Read things we didn’t like. Yesterday I was sure we would win.”

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

Salvai on Twitch: the defender of Juventus Women speaks. The declarations following the victory over Roma Cecilia I saveddefender of Juventus Womentalk to the channel Twitch of the Juventus club in the aftermath of the victory over Rome. EXTRA REASONS – Let’s say that in this period we have also heard a lot, we are … Read more

Twitch has a major pedophilia problem, according to a new investigation

Twitch has a major pedophilia problem according to a new

Bloomberg published an investigation destined to be discussed, which concerns the big problems of pedophilia that plague Twitchagainst which the Amazon platform is doing practically nothing concrete. The newspaper reporters analyzed thousands of accounts who systematically link to children’s or pre-teen live streams. There are more than 279,000 accounts, an enormousness that makes the size … Read more