Ukraine, the Russians launch Kinzhal hypersonic missiles – Mondo

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Two Russian Air Force aircraft took off this morning from the Machulishchy base in Belarus: the Belarusian Gayun monitoring group reported, quoted by the Ukrainian media. These are a MiG-31K and a DRLO A-50U surveillance aircraft. According to Belarusian Gayun, the fighter probably has it on board Kinzhal missiles. These are hypersonic ballistic missiles capable … Read more

Ukraine, Moscow denies bombing of apartment block in Dnipro – Europe

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Russia has denied bombing the apartment building in Dnipro, in Ukraine. Moscow’s armed forces “do not target residential buildings,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, and quoted Alexei Arestovych, an adviser to the Ukrainian presidency, as saying the missile that hit Dnipro on Saturday was not intentionally fired at a building residential. “You have all seen … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Putin: “Everything is proceeding as planned”. In Dnipro 35 dead in building hit by missile, bombs on Zaporizhzhia

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The victims in the building have risen to 35 Dnipro, hit by a Russian missile. In addition to the confirmed dead, there are more than 35 missing. 39 people were saved, 73 injured, about thirty of whom were hospitalised. “We are fighting for every single person! The rescue operation will last as long as there … Read more

Ukraine, Kiev: Italy’s support is important, we await the visit of Meloni and the Pope – Europe

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More Russian missiles, more rubble, more civilian deaths in the horror of war. A rain of death has once again fallen across Ukraine, with air raid warnings sounding morning and afternoon in every oblast, including the Kyiv region and the capital. An offensive from the skies that does not spare men, women and children, gutting … Read more

Ukraine, Zelensky: “Russia has not taken Soledar, battle in progress”

Ukraine Zelensky Russia has not taken Soledar battle in progress

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denies that Soledar was captured by the Russians and speaks of Moscow propaganda to support military mobilization. “Now the terrorist state and its propagandists trying to claim that part of our city of Soledar, completely destroyed by the occupiers, is their success. They will present it, and they are already doing … Read more

Ukraine, Russian siege of Soledar with the Wagner group. The Ukrainians: «We no longer count the dead»

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The Ministry of Defense of Moscow, quoted by the agency Ria NovostiRussian airborne troops surrounded Ukrainian forces in the Ukrainian town of Soledar, in the Donbass, and now they are allegedly being bombed. According to Moscow, the town would be blocked to the north and south. The “criticality” of the situation is confirmed by the … Read more

Ukraine, “possible attack by Russia on Kiev from Belarus”

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The army of Ukraine is preparing for a possible new attack of ground troops of Russia from Belarus in the direction of the capital Kiev. “To this end, defensive positions in the north of the country have already been prepared and strengthened,” said Kyiv defense chief General Oleksiy Pavlyuk. “In order to prevent the Russian … Read more

Ukraine, “hard and bloody” clashes in Soledar – World

Ukraine hard and bloody clashes in Soledar World

The head of the Russian group of Wagner mercenaries, Yevgeny Prigozhin, said today that hard and bloody fighting is underway on the outskirts of Soledar, a city in eastern Ukraine close to Bakhmut, the hottest spot on the front. “Let’s be honest. The Ukrainian army is fighting bravely for Bakhmut and Soledar. Very hard and … Read more

Ukraine Russia, latest war news | Zelensky: «Hard attacks on Soledar, but the soldiers resist»

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Of Marta Serafini, sent to Kiev, and Redazione Online The war news of Tuesday 10 January, live. The US are considering sending Stryker armored vehicles, according to the Politico portal • The war in Ukraine reached the 321st day. • Heavy fighting in Donetsk. Moscow claims to have killed over 600 Ukrainian soldiers in Kramatorsk, … Read more