Tablets and protected lines: how NATO technicians fix Ukrainian weapons remotely (from Poland)

Tablets and protected lines how NATO technicians fix Ukrainian weapons

The military point 348 | Through tablets, secure communications and other channels, technicians can provide details on how to “maintain” the “pieces” supplied by the Alliance, in particular the cannons subjected to long wear The news, often confused and shrouded in the fog of war, signals preparations of the occupants in multiple directions. Continuous pressure … Read more

Ukrainian war, Medvedev: towards the Third World War. Lavrov: «Conflict with the West is almost real». EU, 500 million military aid to Kiev

1674502524 Ukrainian war Medvedev towards the Third World War Lavrov Conflict

2023-01-23 18:05:14 Latvia expels Russian ambassador Latvia has announced that it has asked the Russian ambassador to leave the country by February 24 “in solidarity with Estonia and Lithuania”. This was reported by a note from the Foreign Ministry in Riga. Today the Russian ambassador in Latvia, Mikhail Vanin, “was invited to the Foreign Ministry” … Read more

Ukrainian war, Wagner: «Conquered the Ukrainian city of Soledar». Kremlin: there is no prospect of peace talks

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2023-01-11 11:26:40 Ukraine decree approved by the Senate: new military aid With 125 votes in favor, 28 against and 2 abstentions, the Ukraine decree was approved by the Senate. The provision, which extends the transfer of military materials to Ukraine until 31 December 2023, will pass to the Chamber for the final ok. As sources … Read more

Ukrainian soldiers in US for Patriot training – Europe

Ukrainian soldiers in US for Patriot training Europe

The Russians struck Kharkiv a few hours after the visit of the German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock, to the devastated Ukrainian city: the governor of the oblast, Oleg Synegubov, writes on Telegram. “Stay in shelters. The invaders are bombing again!” the governor wrote to his fellow citizens. News sources on the spot claim to have … Read more

Ukrainian war, the direct. EU-NATO agreement, Stoltenberg: «More weapons in Kiev»

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2023-01-10 20:02:13 Ukraine pushes for NATO to send tanks More military aid to Ukraine, more cooperation between the EU and NATO, greater boost to the defense industry: on the day of the third joint declaration between the European Union and the Atlantic Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel first of all … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Missile attacks in the night, one dead in Kharkiv. Moscow: “Ukrainian rockets on two power plants in Donetsk, one victim”

Ukraine Russia war news today Missile attacks in the

Ukrainian artillery missiles hit and damaged the power station of Starobeshevskayain the Donetsk region of Russian-occupied Donbass, resulting in the death of a woman. In the meantime, the Ukrainians celebrated Orthodox Christmas under the bombs, many in shelters, and in the evening, at midnight local time, the unilateral truce of 36 hours decided by Russia … Read more

Putin from Lukashenko, Ukrainian fears: «Ready new offensive»

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Of Martha Seraphim The Belarusian president welcomes the Kremlin leader. New attacks on the capital are underway. Belarus deploys Moscow’s missiles FROM OUR REPORTER KIEV – The «recalcitrant» ally Alexander Lukashenko he did not miss anything from the ceremonial reception of the Kremlin leader. Flowers, hostesses, sweets. And obviously a confidential welcome in person at … Read more

Ukrainian war, today’s news. NYT: “Putin willing to lose 300,000 soldiers”

2022-12-17 20:10:31 NYT: Putin willing to lose 300,000 soldiers Vladimir Putin is willing to accept the death or wounding of 300,000 Russian soldiers, three times Moscow’s losses so far. A NATO member country told the New York Times. People close to the Kremlin leader have also revealed that he is ready to sacrifice lives and … Read more

Ukrainian war, Kiev: «Torture chambers for children discovered in Kherson and Kharkiv»

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2022-12-14 21:14:38 Kiev, glimmers of peace but only in spring Kiev sees glimmers but not before spring-summer, according to Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the office of Ukrainian President Zelensky, who spoke about it on the Rbc TV channel. “The end of the war depends on many factors: mathematical, psychological, psycho-emotional, foreign policy and internal policy, … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Zelensky visiting Donbass. Drone attack on the Kursk region of Russia. Moscow: “We will answer.” Ukrainian cities without electricity or water

Ukraine Russia war news today Zelensky visiting Donbass Drone

Deep attack on Russian territory by two Ukrainian drones that have arrived at hit air bases hundreds of kilometers from its borders. The Russian response yesterday was not long in coming and a shower of missiles arrived on the Ukraine, most of which, according to the president Zelensky, was intercepted by the Kiev Defense Forces. … Read more