The war of the fans on the A1, the Romanist ultra Di Tosto released from prison – Chronicle

The war of the fans on the A1 the Romanist

Obligation to sign and stay, to be observed in Rome, for the Giallorossi ultra Martino Di Tosto. This was decided by the judge at the end of the hearing to validate the arrest in Arezzo, the city where the 43-year-old was arrested for clashes between fans on the highway. of Tosto he had been arrested … Read more

Galaxy S22 Ultra, the discount is exaggerated: to buy now

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

19 In the “top” challenge among top-of-the-range smartphones, Samsung he always played the part of the protagonist. The South Korean manufacturer, in fact, has always been able to present devices characterized by top performance even after some time. On Telegram we have opened two channels dedicated to offers: “Technology offers channel” and “home offers”. The … Read more

We tried Oceanic+: Apple Watch Ultra becomes a diving computer

We tried Oceanic Apple Watch Ultra becomes a diving computer scaled

At its presentation theApple Watch Ultrahere the review, has been positioned as the watch for “extreme” fitness enthusiasts. Yet, if we remove the purely structural part, the design and the materials, what can be done with Apple Watch Ultra can also be done with Watch 8. Except for one thing, and this is what we’re … Read more

Edge 30 Ultra VS 12T Pro challenge between smartphones with 200MP cam

Edge 30 Ultra VS 12T Pro challenge between smartphones with

The megapixel race has characterized the smartphone world for some years now. It is therefore not surprising the arrival on the market of two devices like the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra and it Xiaomi 12T Pro. Products almost overlapping each other as regards the technical data sheet, net of the inevitable differences from an aesthetic … Read more

Who was Boiocchi, the head ultrà of Inter killed in a shooting: “80 thousand euros a month with parking”

Who was Boiocchi the head ultra of Inter killed in

In the wiretapping of the investigation that led him to prison last year for extortion, he boasted of earning 10 thousand euros per game Posted on: 31-10-2022 10:47 PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST Professional journalist since 2017, I write about economic and political news and current affairs, I have always been interested in social and sport issues. Passionate … Read more

Milan, the head ultrà of Inter Vittorio Boiocchi killed: the ambush under the house of two killers on motorbikes

Paris Berlin clash in the EU on price cap and Sure

from Cesare Giuzzi Boiocchi, the head ultrà of Inter, was under special surveillance after 26 years in prison. The murder in via Fratelli Zanzottera. No witnesses or cameras in the street They hit him under the house. One hour before the start of Inter-Sampdoria at the Meazza stadium. An ambush cost his life a Vittorio … Read more


1665846486 iPHONE 14 pro GALAXY S22 ultra or PIXEL 7 pro

Choosing a top of the range is never easy. There is a lot of money to invest and the differences are narrowing. Today we compare three of them from every point of view, from ergonomics to price through display, autonomy, performance, software (the classic iOS vs Android challenge will never end but that’s right) and … Read more

Recensione Apple Watch Ultra. Scorza dura e batteria super

Recensione Apple Watch Ultra Scorza dura e batteria super

Ogni prodotto ha una storia da raccontare, e per capire Apple Watch Ultra bisogna prima di tutto capire Apple Watch. Apple voleva realizzare un orologio eterno, seguendo un po’ i trend dell’orologeria tradizionale, e ci è riuscita: decine e decine di diversi quadranti disegnati con cura certosina, migliaia di complicazioni e una varietà di cinturini … Read more

Retro Gadgets, the preview of an ultra creative sandbox

Retro Gadgets the preview of an ultra creative

We bought a lot of gadgets. Our homes are full of more (few) or less (many) useful appliances that have the sole purpose of … they will surely have some purpose, the fact is that they are often beautiful and, therefore, why not? But why not make our own, even if only virtual, and share … Read more