Alexa turns 4! Here is how much it has evolved and the gift it gives to all users to download

Alexa turned 4! Yes, 4 years have passed since its first release in Italy. It was 2018 and since then, from that first ‘cry’ of hers, Alexa has generated the beauty of over 17 billion of interaction especially allowing the Italians who have used it to save over 6 million hours in 2022 alone. Staggering … Read more

WhatsApp changes and infuriates users, what’s happening –

WhatsApp changes and infuriates users whats happening solofinanzait

WhatsApp, the instant messaging platform is planning some news that will infuriate many of its users, who until now have used the application in a totally free, fast and secure way. Many changes made by WhatsApp in recent times have greatly improved its use and other updates are planned for the future, such as video … Read more

Windows 11 2022 finally available for all users: here are the main news

Panos Panay announced that today Windows 11 2022, this is his name to the public, available in 190 countries around the world, including Italy. The Microsoft CPO underlined how the new version responds to the renewed needs of users in recent years, in terms of functionality and especially security, with Windows 11 introducing a (controversial) … Read more

Goodbye WhatsApp: desperate users, it won’t work for them anymore

Goodbye WhatsApp desperate users it wont work for them anymore

Hell and heaven. Only a year ago, still in these times, WhatsApp began to feel the breath on the neck of Telegram, the well-known privacy problems, the revelations of the “mole” on Zuckerberg, a hand brake on the unbridled rush of the world’s number one messaging, since 2014 it has become part of the extended … Read more

Emotet malware now steals credit cards from Google Chrome users: the details – Cyber ​​Security 360

Emotet malware now steals credit cards from Google Chrome users

Researchers on the team Proofpoint Threat Insights have identified a new business of malware Emotet. His botnet would make a comeback with a module specifically designed for collect credit card information stored in Google Chrome user profiles. The new Emotet module Since many users, for convenience, save data such as credit card number and CVC … Read more

Postepay, angry users, the app does not respond: operations blocked

Postepay angry users the app does not respond operations blocked

A story that has been anxious for millions of Poste Italiane customers for a few days now. The point about the situation that seems to persist. Many days now that a disservice has caught off guard millions of users who routinely use the application of one of the most successful financial products of recent years. … Read more

Telegram: the messaging chat changes forever | Users blown away by the news

Telegram the messaging chat changes forever Users blown away

The anti-WhatsApp. For years and still is seen this way and is now ready to change. And you, are you ready to receive the news? Many have chosen it for some time. Telegram is an instant messaging service that has conquered an ever-growing audience over the years. But the news developed by the app managers … Read more